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I hope you are enjoying your summer. My mom and I have spent all summer exploring Alberta. Here I am making a raw coleslaw for Cody's family reunion held in Crowsnest Pass. What beautiful country it is!
We have enjoyed the abundance of fresh local spinach, lettuces of all kinds, onions, tomatoes, amazing BC peaches, blueberries, peppers, cherries, plums and now today we bought some Lund's carrots. Yummy!
Adding more raw fruits and vegetables in your diet boost your immune system and keeps you strong for winter. So when you have time, go to the farmer's market and get some local organic produce. Your body will love it! 
SuperFoods Snacks Are Back
Chocolate Goji Treats and more

Chocolate Goji TreatsWe just placed an order 2 weeks ago to Hawaii for the Chocolate Goji Treats and they should be here any day now. Also, Raw Crunch bars are in and we have chocolate, but they won't last long. So stop in and grab a healthy raw food snack. And we always have the raw Vega bars too! 
Bone Health Protection 
Salus Calcium
Salus® Calcium Magnesium Zinc & Vitamin D

Osteoporosis prevention isn't just for the elderly. It starts really young - before birth, actually, when the quality of a mother's diet affects the baby's bones 1,2 - and continues throughout childhood when optimum amounts of calcium and o-factors keep bones growing strong. Bone loss begins in your 30's3- or earlier if you are not careful about preserving bone density.We can improve bone strength throughout adulthood, and even during pregnancy and menopause we have the opportunity to help preserve our bone mass.

You can minimize the risk of osteoporosis with a bonehealthy diet and lifestyle combined with highly soluble, supplemental nutrients that are easily absorbed. Osteoporosis occurs over a lifetime, so prevention over a lifetime is the key.
Salus Calcium Magnesium is an effective and safe choice because it:   Addresses the unique requirements of your bones.
Suits your diet.
Addresses the challenges of calcium utilization and absorption.
Is safe to take every day, over a lifetime.
Is easy to swallow - and tasty, too!
Is made by Salus - famous for quality and helping people stay healthy.

Start now to protect your bones and maintain your quality of life as you age.
Mike Adams Tells It Like It Is
Mike AdamsIf you haven't heard of Mike Adams and Natural News I encourage you to sign up to his newsletters. He has great information that is straight to the point and dead on accurate. I have personally met Mike and respect his opinions. Click on the link and read on about Menstruation is a Disease (And Other Ridiculous Myths Believed by Mainstream Consumers).
Raw Food Potluck Schedule

We will not have a raw food potluck for Sunday, August 10th due to me going on holiday.
Raw Food Potluck will resume on it's normal time and day on Wednesday, August 27th @ 6:30 PM.
Please checkout our raw food potluck schedule at Raw Food Schedule.
Please bring a dish that serves 10-12 people, preferable organic and all raw. Need help with recipes, just stop in or call and we will help you.
Please bring your own fork, spoon, cup, plate, etc. Thanks!
Aquasmart Stainless Steel Water Bottles on Sale Now

Aquasmart Water BottleAQUASMART® Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Are you concerned about plastic Biphenol-A leaching into your water? What about all the plastic going into a land fill?? The Aquasmart Stainless Water Bottle is the perfect solution.

Non Toxic, Light as a feather, only 225 gm, holds 27 fluid oz. with flat cap, Stain. Steel grade#304 Great for a bike rack, for travelling, great gifts. Please wash with soap and water by hand Ladies; it fits in your hand bag!! For everyone, for every sport, everywhere.

Protect yourself and protect the environment. Pure Water on the go! Buy two and save $5.00.
Our Price: $35.00 for two. Save $5.00. One for $19.99
List Price: $39.98
Summer is almost over and Labor Day will be here before we know it. Stop in and pick up your FREE Alberta Farms guide and go visit a farm this weekend. Do stop in and come say hi, Phyllis is back from vacation and my mom heads back to Texas on Monday.
We appreciate all your business and thank you for all your support.

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Raw Food Classes Scheduled for September
Two classes scheduled for September,  Decadent Desserts and Living on Live Foods Level I. Register and pre-pay a week before the class and get 10% off your class fee. Please go to my website for more details: Raw Food Class Schedule
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