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July 2008 Newsletter
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Life Skills Courses
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Juice Feasting Success Story
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Life Skills Courses
Life Skills Int
Life Skills Classes will be starting the first of September. If you haven't heard of these classes I encourage you to go to their website and check it out.
Cody and I fully believe in these courses and have taken them twice in their entirety. If you suffer from a divorce as a child or an adult, come from a dysfunctional family or are currently in a dysfunctional family, been in an abusive relationship, have control or anger issues, or just need help please consider these courses.
The courses covers all these topics and more:
Anger Management
The 15 Types of Emotional Abuse
Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Love and Family Bonding
Managing Stress
Breaking the Bonds of Shame
Developing Trust
Establishing Roots for a Healthy Family
Profile of the "Silent Knight" and His Victim
Mother/Son Relationship
Respecting Self and Others
Defining Domestic Violence
Taking Responsibility
Male/Female Differences
Awareness and Processing of Feelings
Learning to Forgive
Accepting Responsibility
Building Lasting Relationships
Lack of Parenting
Father/Daughter Relationship
These courses can help heal you emotionally and get you on the path to optimum help.
Please call Debra Penner for course dates and times.
Debra Penner
Raw Food Dessert Class July 27th from 1-4 pm
Yummy! Raw Desserts. Learn how to make Nanaimo bars, pecan pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake and more. These desserts have no sugar, no soy, no dairy, no eggs, no grains and no animal products of any kind.
Class will be held at Journey of Health from 1 to 4 pm on July 27, 2008.
Cost is $117 and you must pre-register. Please call the store for more information.

Summer is finally here and what a great time to be spending outdoors soaking up sun. I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays and have a safe time.
Remember, we still have the raw food potlucks for the summer, a few raw food classes and we are always here to help you get through those summer ailments. Drink lots of Vitamin C when you are flying, Oil of Oregano is great for preventing mosquito bites and eat lots of greens to keep your energy levels high for those summer hikes.  
Raw Food Potlucks In July
recycle JOH is still hosting the raw food potlucks for the summer. We have some great chefs who are making some amazing raw food dishes.
The potlucks are held the second Sunday at 6 pm and the 4th Wednesday at 6:30 pm of every month.  Please bring a dish that serves 10-12 people, preferably organic. Please bring your own fork, spoon, plate, napkin, bowl, etc.  
Juice Feasting Success Story 

Jennifer Many of you know how much I believe in Juice Feasting and have encouraged you to give it a try. One of our customers completed the full 92 days and I want to share her story with you. We are so proud of Jennifer and her success. 

On June 9th I completed one of my life's most fulfilling adventures - a 92 day Juice Feast, which lasted from March 8-June 9, 2008.

In mid-February after attending a raw food potluck at the Journey of Health, Tonya Dahl invited all those who were interested to begin a 92 day juice feast with her. I had heard of David Rainoshek and the 92 day juice feast before but never felt I could commit. Knowing I had support and that someone else I knew could do it; I thought "I can do it too".

Why I chose to Juice Feast?

I began my juice feast during a time in my life where I felt I needed a new challenge. I'd been progressively becoming more raw for 1.5 years and still felt I had so much more cleansing to do and the benefits I was getting from my raw food diet weren't quite enough for me. I was becoming complacent with my raw food lifestyle and needed a new goal that provided me with a purpose and direction.  Despite how "raw" I ate or how much I exercised I was still over weight at 5'7'' and 175lbs. I know I needed something drastic to get me to the next level. Juice Feasting seemed like the optimal solution to me - a simple easy plan of just juices providing optimal nutrition and all the support and direction I would need through and the global juice feast community that was simultaneously juice feasting along with me.

How was my Juice Feasting experience?

AMAZING: I became so much more empowered than ever before - no unpleasant hunger, optimal nutrition, and the mental attitude that I could do anything. It wasn't long after beginning my feast that I knew I would never be the same. This was the beginning of a new way of thinking and believing for me and I knew this was really what my body had needed all along in order to change the way I had so desperately wanted it too in the past.

I LOVED it and felt so much more functional than I ever had before on any fast, exercise plan or diet  My skin became more vibrant, my body threw out masses of old toxins and I lost weight ~ 30lbs. I felt very good energetically while feasting - on day 85 I had climbed an 8,000 ft mountain that took 6 hours to climb from start to finish. Nothing could have prepared me for the emotional and spiritual transformations. I released more 'baggage' through this experience than I ever knew I had. I became more confident - I was accomplishing all I had set my mind to do. I also felt more connected to my partner than ever before.

I looked and felt lighter after several weeks and friends and family who had not seen me in months, remarked on how well I carried myself both physically and mentally. I drank around 3-4 liters of fruit/green juice a day on the Feast, and felt so blessed to do this as my partner Matt would make most of my juices, with love, for me. I couldn't have done this without him, seeing that he made all my juices for me.

Transitioning back into the world of solids was quite a challenge for me mentally, as I had so enjoyed feeling 'liberated' on liquids for 92 days. But after having dealt with so many struggles over a lifetime and accomplishing all I had on my 92 day journey I've learned to embrace life with a little more confidence, trust, patience and understanding. This 92 day venture has created so many amazing opportunities for my future as I now know what I'm capable of physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It truly has been my life's biggest blessing.
Wow! Jennifer looks amazing after her Juice Feast. If you want to know more about this amazing journey, you may just catch Jennifer in person at one of our raw food potlucks. We hope to see you all soon. 

Journey of Health
PS. Here is a photo of Cody fishing in Brisbane. He is doing great and hoping to be home in August.
Cody Fishing
We have free samples of our raw fermented foods. We will be giving free tastings of our raw salsas, kimchis and our Foods Alive raw food crackers. Raw fermented foods put the natural flora back into your colon and intestines, aids in digestion and helps if you have constipation problems. Come learn about this amazing product and how live foods can heal you.  
Offer Expires: August 2008