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APRIL 2008
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The Future of Food
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Formula to Health
Paul Nison
Paul Nison will be here on May 3rd at the University of Calgary. You can buy tickets at Inergy Mind Spa, Community Naturals Food Store and Journey of Health. This event is not just about raw foods. It is about losing weight, curing yourself of diseases, balancing your life, your diet and having a better understanding of food. We really hope you come and support Journey of Health in this event and come buy a ticket now.
Tickets are $20. Event starts at 7pm and book signing at 6 pm at The University of Calgary ST Hall 148.
Living on Live Foods Level II Class
You all have been asking me and I finally set a date for the Level II class. This is an intense all weekend class. It will be on May 23-25. The cost is $675. Please have a look at my raw class schedule for more details. I must have at least 6 people signed up by May 15th or I will cancel the class.

This is a really fun class and you will learn a lot. We will make some amazing entrees from calzone to breads, bagels, cereals, decadent desserts, sprouting and more.  Here is my website: Raw Food Class Schedule

Spring is in the air, or well, uh, snow is right now. It's not too late to start getting healthy for Summer. Do you want to lose a few extra pounds before you squeeze into that swimsuit? Or how about that high school reunion this summer? Come to Journey of Health and let us help you get in shape the healthy way. No fancy fad diets or crazy pills and potions.
We have Paul Nison coming on May 3 who will talk about the Formula to Health and how to achieve it. Just the right thing to get you into those skinny jeans you've been dreaming about.
The Future of Food
Round Up Ready Corn This is an amazing little introduction on the future of our food. A friend sent this to me and Cody and I was  not surprised one bit. We were happy to find this information on youtube so we can share it with you. Please have a look at this link and if you have time listen to Deborah Koons Garcia interview. It is very informative. Please feel free to email your thoughts. We would love to hear them. Click  link below.

The Future of Food
Raw Food Potluck This Sunday
recycleWe are having our Raw Food Potluck this Sunday, April 13th @ 6pm. There is no theme this week, so feel free to bring what you want. It must be raw, no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no animals, no eggs, no tofu and no cooking.

Please bring your own fork, spoon, plate, bowl, napkin, cup, etc. and a raw food dish to feed 10-12 people.

We also, will have a surprise guest speaker at this potluck. It will be very interesting and entertaining and something about trained monkeys. That is all I am going to say about that!

If you need ideas for raw food recipes, this really is a great one: Raw Food Recipes
We had New Chapters in the store on Wednesday who gave a great presentation on their Maca products. Everybody who attended was amazed with the immediate results. Want to eliminate brain fog, hormonal imbalances, need more energy? Stop in and ask how this great product can help you.

Journey of Health
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