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Citizens for a Better Flathead
                                        Wildlife at Risk--Learn More


Citizens for a Better Flathead has long been concerned with the fact that Flathead County has inadequate policies in place to avoid the continued and significant loss of wildlife habitat to residential development.  Increasingly subdivisions ranging in size from a mile to two miles square are being proposed without regard to their associated impacts on wildlife and the interfacing public lands. 

Because of the cumulative impacts that can result when private land use policies and public land use policies are not looked at collectively, we are urging you get additional information and attend an information session scheduled for Monday in Kalispell regarding proposed expanded activities on state-owned forest land here and across the state.

 The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (or DNRC)  is looking for input on their new  'Habitat Conservation Plan.'  The plan is suppose to include strategies to protect endangered and threatened species like grizzly bears, Canada lynx, and bull trout as well as other non-listed species. Inital review of this plan by conservation groups more closely tracking these issue is very critical of the draft plan.

Although these open houses are 6 hours long, we encourage people to attend between 4-6 PM to gain the benefit of other conservationists questions and DNRC's responses.

Because public comments are not due until September 24th we will mail you a reminder notice to submit comments closer to the due date. We will forward you more technical analysis of the proposed HCP at that time.

 Click on the following link for more details. 

Montana Environmental Information Center

Department of State Lands Draft Habitat Conservation Plan

For specifics on the timber harvesting conservation strategy look in the Chapter 1: Introduction (pages 18-20) or Chapter 2: Conservation Strategies (pages 61-79).
What: Seeking Input for its Habitat Conservation Plan
When: Monday July 20th from 2:00 to 8:00 pm [from 4-6pm hear other conservationists questions and DNRC answers]
Where: FVCC Arts and Technology Building Room 139