June 2010

"Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it." - Emily Dickinson

One of my readers explained, "Probably my biggest feedback pet peeve is many people will not return phone calls and emails. Since I'm in sales, I believe many people simply are afraid that I will try to sell them versus just trying to obtain some feedback or even closure if necessary."
I have heard from plenty of folks, especially those who are not from this area, that we have a tendency to string salespeople along for terribly long periods of time. We either, as my reader suggests, avoid phone calls, or when caught, we respond that we need to check with our management team, our boss, our spouse, etc. We have a difficult time saying no, even when that's what we truly want to say.
Why? Why can't we be upfront? Why do we avoid people we think want to sell us, rather than taking the call and saying no, if that's what is required?
Two Reasons for Not Responding
I think part of it is that we hate to hurt anyone's feelings and there are many of us who believe that if we say no, it will be perceived as personal. I think part of it is that we see ourselves as weak in sales resistance.

In either case, those of us who avoid these calls make life much more difficult for sales people than if we would be honest about our lack of interest in their product or service. I am not a pushy salesperson; I think people know that I'm not going to convince them to purchase something they do not want. I would much rather people come right out and tell me no, so I can move on to someone who will say yes.
Many telemarketers are required to respond to several of your turn-downs before closing the call. If you've ever worked an outbound telemarketing job, you know that a quick hang-up is much better than having to get past the required number of turn-downs. For those of you who receive phone solicitation calls, a simple "No, thank you" and a quick hang-up will allow the caller to move on to the next number.
If Your Sales Resistance is Weak
For those of you with weak sales resistance, before you take the call from a salesperson who you know is trying to close a sale, determine exactly why you are not interested. Then take the call. Explain the exact reason(s) why you do not want to purchase (it does not meet your needs, it is not something you want to spend your limited resources on, etc.). If the salesperson proceeds past your response with some offer that eliminates your reason for not purchasing, then you may want to reconsider. A well-trained salesperson will not force you to purchase anything you don't want, but he or she will try to meet any objections you may have.
Here is the main point. That salesperson may simply want information, or may need to hear you say definitively whether or not you are interested. You will save the salesperson and yourself a ton of time if you just take the call.

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