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Embracing CHANGE                                         
November 2009
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Embracing Change
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I'm loving this weather. How about you? Between the cool nights, the time change, and my new bed, I'm sleeping better than I ever have. I hope your nights are as restful.

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Embracing Change
air cond1 "It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory."
- W. Edwards Deming

All year in this newsletter, I have been writing about change. My focus has been change in organizations and in businesses. I've discussed how to get your team to accept inevitable changes and understand how your team reacts to change.

I just got back from Illinois, visiting my grandson and his parents. My last trip was in July. In three months, Moses has changed so much. When I saw him in July, cups had to have tops or everything would spill. Now he handles a cup as if he was born doing it. His verbal skills have increased and he shows more of his own thought process than he did three months ago. Three months! How is that much change possible?!

Devoted to Change
It dawned on me that Moses' whole life is devoted to change. He accepts it willingly. He knows instinctively that change is growth. He would prefer that his schedule not be upset, but in every other situation, he embraces change.  Even when he has to adapt to a new schedule, it doesn't take him long. He seems to understand that change is inevitable. On some basic level, he knows that if he doesn't change, he will not grow.

I wonder if we, as adults, could adopt a bit of that growth attitude, would we be more likely to accept change? If we decided to approach change as if it were a grand adventure that would result in our being able to accomplish more in our lives, would it be easier to adapt? If we accepted that there is no way to avoid change, and decided to make the most of it, would that make us happier?

"If it ain't broke..."
I am not by any means a "change junkie." I do not believe in change that is not necessary. But I also do not subscribe to the belief "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Preventive maintenance is usually a good idea. Searching for additional solutions even after you have found something that works is also a good practice. Very often we are satisfied with the status quo not realizing that a little extra exploration might make an average situation excellent.

I plan to spend the next couple of months deciding whether there are new avenues I need to explore. I'm going to take December off as far as this newsletter is concerned. (I'll still send out some event reminders, especially about the Small Business Conference - see below.) I've published 68 newsletters since the first one in February 2004 (most are archived here.) It may be time for a change. 

Look for new adventures from me in January!
blue puzzleBarbara Carreon in the Continuing Education Department at San Antonio College was the first to know that 54 was the number that is 6 times the sum of its digits. Barbara's gift certificate is on its way.

This month, we have two significant days in the history of this country, both having to do with gratitude. When was the first Veterans Day National Committee set up to coordinate the national Veterans Day observance?

The first person with the correct answer will win a $25 gift certificate at Nicavid's.

Volunteers Needed
2009 SMWBE

We need volunteers at the biggest small business conference in the region!  The conference is set for December 9, and I need people who will commit to a two-hour shift on that day. The first shift is from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m., but you can sign up for any two hour segment between 6 a.m and 2 p.m.

Last year there were over 4000 small business owners and over 100 government agencies and corporations with purchasing opportunities for small businesses. This year's event registration is significantly ahead of last year's at this time.

I need volunteers,
especially from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., to help get people though registration quickly, and help direct the attendees to breakfast and to the exhibit hall. But if you aren't an early riser, we can still use you for registration, directions, and on the exhibit hall during the day. Please contact me as soon as possible with the shift and location you can fill. Reply to this newsletter, or email, or call 210-863-2250.

Embrace change in what's left of 2009!