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Embracing CHANGE
April 2009
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Embracing CHANGE
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April 2
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April 10
Business Writing - full day

April 14
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April 30
Presenting without Panicking

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Meet the Buyers - Bexar County, AT&T, UHS
Interested in healthy living?  Pick up the April issue of Natural Awakenings or visit the magazine's website.
Be sure to read my article Conquering EWaste. I'm thrilled to be a part of this wonderful publication. Let me know what you think. The print version is available all over the greater SA area.
Embracing CHANGE
change "Every change brings a new motivation. That is a fact."
- Rubens Barrichello
One of the more positive aspects of change is that often it can result in motivation.Think of the times that you have been motivated to accomplish something or to complete a project that has been on your to-do list for awhile. What motivated you to accomplish that goal?  Usually there is a change that pushes you. 
Nine years ago this month, I was experiencing some shortness of breath and minor pain in my chest. I went in for a check-up (I still had health insurance at the time) and the doctor ordered an X-ray. While waiting for the results, I realized that there was one thing I could do to relieve my anxiety the next time I had a similar problem. I quit smoking. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but it certainly improved my health. Luckily, the chest X-ray showed no permanent damage and I haven't experienced the same problem since.
Change as motivation
What motivated me to make the decision to quit was a change in the way I saw my responsibility for my own health. That change of viewpoint resulted in another change, taking positive steps to improve my health.
Often a change at your job will push you to apply for another position or to go into business for yourself. In the classes I teach for the University of Phoenix, I'm finding more students who are entering college, because they have lost their jobs due to the economic downturn.  They have decided that an associates or bachelor's degree might provide them with more choices in employment.
It dawned on me that this might be one of the brightest spots in all of this economic uncertainty. If we end up with a more educated population as a result of the economy, what good news that will be for this country!  (I am not ignoring the massive student loans that these folks will have to repay, but I truly believe education is the best investment you can make.)
In my business, the changing financial situation has motivated me to adjust what training workshops I offer, which in turn has made it easier for me to weather these downturns. I'm finding that Business Writing is one of the most popular topics because good skill in this area makes you more worthwhile to a company and more likely to be hired and promoted. The good news for me is that It's one of my favorite subjects to teach.
Change in your life
Adjusting to change can be a strong motivator to improve your life. What are the current changes in your life pushing you to do? Are you reacting to the change by becoming more motivated?
My Favorite Fiesta Event
Please join me at the Fiesta Arts Fair at the Southwest Craft Center, and see 125 artists from 23 states, including my friend Debbie Little-Wilson.  This is an amazing, fun-filled event that is a bit less frantic than your typical Fiesta event. It's a great venue for kids. Dates and times are
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, April 19, 2009 - 11:00am-5:00pm

Let me know if you're planning to go and we'll try to meet for food and drinks from La Margarita, the chief food sponsor of the event and listen to some incredible music. You will have a marvelous time.
blue puzzle Annette Duvall knew that Brain Awareness Week began on March 16th. Annette won a $25 gift certificate to Nicavid's.

For April, it has to be about Fiesta. This is the 100th anniversary of an important piece of Fiesta history. What happened 100 years ago that affected Fiesta?  For a tie-breaker, we're watching the 50th anniversary of another Fiesta historical event. What happened?

The first person with the correct answer(s) will win a $25 gift certificate at Nicavid's.
Crystallizations Training
business writing 1
Business Writing - Basics and More
One Day Session - April 10, 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Brush up on the basics of business writing - good grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.  Learn how to create effective letters, memos and email.  Discover tips for editing and proofreading and why you can't count on spell-check to save you.  Details are available here.
Session fee is $120 (breakfast, lunch and refreshments included). You will leave with a wealth of information to improve your writing, and handouts that you can refer to when you encounter problems after the class. Bonuses and discounts are available for multiple participants from the same company.

CHERISH Your Customers - April 14, May 12, June 9, 10 a.m. - 12 noon
Discover the habits that create problems in customer service, and develop strategies to overcome these habits while replacing them with procedures to create successful interactions with customers and clients.  Learn how to create lasting customer relationships and repeat sales. Come to one for $30 or all three for $80 (if paid in advance). Discounts available for multiple participants from the same company.

Presenting Without Panicking - April 30, 10 a.m. - 12 noon
Does the very idea of getting in front of a group of people strike terror in your heart?  Or do you just need to fine tune your presentation skills? Crystal's seminar will help you overcome anxiety about presenting by helping you understand effective presentation design.  She will teach you a foolproof process for creating presentations that will improve the attention and retention of your audience. You'll leave with a new level of confidence in getting your ideas across to a group. Per person workshop cost is $30. Ask about discounts.

All sessions are held at The Greater San Antonio Chamber's Small Business Resource Center, 1100 NW Loop 410 Ste 109, San Antonio, TX 78213 in the H.E.B. Federal Credit Union building, near the corner of Blanco Road and N.W. Loop 410. Call 210-863-2250 or email me at to reserve your space.
Embrace change in 2009!


Crystal Darby
Crystal Communications