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Embracing CHANGE
February 2009
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Embracing CHANGE
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Did you have a good beginning to the new year? February is the one month where I run out of days before I run out of money. How about you?
Embracing CHANGE
change "The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives."
Anthony Robbins

Are you in a situation where you have to lead change in your organization?  Or are you feeling like change is being foisted on you without any consideration of your situation?  Join the crowd.  In these days, we seem to be in one position or the other.  

Limited communication = limited results
Organizations with the most serious problems accepting change are those where the communication is limited.  Think about it.  If you know what's coming, you are much more likely to accept it than if you suddenly get hit over the head with it.
If you are in a position to lead change, effective communication can create buy-in from the team.  Understand that effective communication is not a one-sided effort.  Effective communication also includes listening.  Getting input from your team is critical.  Incorporating what you can of your team members' suggestions will help make the situation more tolerable for everyone, and in turn make the change go more smoothly.
Team members need to communicate effectively, too.  Having an open mind toward the situation is an important first step. Understand that compromise may mean giving up a little for the overall effort. This process is more successful if the team members come up with suggestions, rather than simply throw up obstacles.
Kill the rumors
Another important part of this puzzle is to immediately put an end to rumors.  In organizations where there is a lack of communication, especially when people feel stressed and uncertain, rumors will fill the void.  Both management and the team members have a role to play in extinguishing this problem.  Rumors should signal management to address the issues directly with the team. 
As an employee, when you hear a rumor, the best course of action is to go directly to the person in the organization who would know the truth (perhaps HR or a manager).  You need to stop the rumor in its tracks.  When someone tells you something that you haven't confirmed, repeat it to the person who told you. Then let the information die. It serves no one to spread unverified information, but sometimes it's so tempting. (Somehow repeating it to the person who initially told you satisfies that urge.)
Telling the truth
One more point about communicating...telling the truth makes the whole process easier. As a manager, there may be information you aren't ready to share.  But make sure you don't tell your team information that is not true.  For both managers and team members, telling the truth ultimately makes remembering easier and builds your credibility.
In March, I'll give you some suggestions on creating buy-in from the people in your organization.  I hope you have a marvelous month.

Need help dealing with change in your organization?
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Crystallizations Training
This month, I'm offering a workshop on business etiquette, Professional POLISH.  Do you need to brush up on your business manners?  I promise this two-hour session will be entertaining, down-to-earth, and sensible You'll learn what to do and what not to do in common business settings - from networking to formal banquets. This session is $30 per person and group discounts are available. Join us on Thursday, February 19, at 10 AM.

All sessions are held at The Greater San Antonio Chamber's Small Business Resource Center, 1100 NW Loop 410 Ste 109, San Antonio, TX 78213 in the H.E.B. Federal Credit Union building, near the corner of Blanco Road and N.W. Loop 410. Call 210-863-2250 or email me at to reserve your space.
Embrace change in 2009!


Crystal Darby
Crystal Communications