Cherish Your Customers March 2008

Last month, I asked you to let your people know that you value their work. Have you found a way to help the people in your organization who deal directly with your customers?
Don't forget to vote!
There's a lot going on this month. Tuesday is the Presidential primary . Thursday is the reappearance of the Greater Chamber's Roundtable Networking Breakfast. As a person with some Irish heritage, I have to remind you about St. Patrick's Day on the 17th. And at the end of the month, I turn 56 years old. Is sixty the new forty? I sure hope so.

Don't forget to vote. Early voting ends tomorrow. Check here for polling places and other election information.

Expressing Gratitude
"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. "
--William Arthur Ward

Recently I was asked to complete an online survey to provide feedback to my bank on a new service they are providing for small business. The survey took about ten minutes of my time, which I was warned about before I started it. I was happy to take the time because I think my bank (and all banks) should pay more attention to the needs of small business. The survey had a number of questions that will help my bank market this service to businesses like mine. I was able to voice my opinion, but I was aware throughout the survey that I was helping the bank with its marketing research.

When I finished the survey, a screen popped up that said, "Your answers have been recorded." There was something missing. It was the sentence "Thank you."

"Thank You" has disappeared
I am noticing that in more and more situations, that simple sentence has disappeared. I hold open a door for someone and he or she simply walks through without so much as an acknowledgment. I let a fellow driver enter from a side street into a line of traffic and there is no wave or nod of appreciation. I purchase items from a store and the cashier doesn't say anything to complete the sale.

As a result of this change in behavior, I've had to make a decision. I can choose to become like everyone else I run into - too busy to acknowledge other people's consideration. Or I can hold my ground and continue to show my appreciation and work hard on not becoming a cranky old woman. (For some reason, facing a birthday always makes me aware of this possibility. )

What you put out in the world...
I have written before about being present when you are interacting with others. I am even more convinced that showing gratitude toward the people you meet, especially your customers, is one of the easiest and most inexpensive strategies for creating the kind of world you want. Call me a Pollyanna (you won't be the first), but I do believe that what you put out in the world, you get back. If I make sure that I thank the people who do business with me, and the people who send me business, and the people I meet every day who help make my life better, my life will be happier and my business will succeed.

So I'm going to hold this line and not let the people who either don't feel gratitude or who do not express it affect me negatively. I also may be searching for another bank. If you know of one that cares about small business and regularly expresses its gratitude, please let me know.

Last month, I asked you what was happening in February that happens only every 28 years. I had a ton of correct answers, but Walter Williams of Medina Children's Home was the first to answer. Leap Day falls on Friday, which makes five Fridays in the month. Walter wins a $25 gift certificate from Nicavid's Bakery and Cafe, just in time to purchase Valentine's Day cookies!

Here's this month's puzzle: Since we're at the end of early voting in the primary, what is it about Texas' system for choosing Presidential political party candidates that makes it different from every other state? The first person to answer correctly will win a $25 gift certificate from Nicavid's.

Roundtable Returns!
By popular demand, the Greater San Antonio Chamber will be hosting small business' favorite networking event. On Thursday, March 6, at Sunset Station, the newly revamped Roundtable will return! I've been asked to emcee the meeting.

Come early and meet fellow small business owners and representatives from companies of all sizes. This is the premier networking event in the area. This event is sponsored by the Greater San Antonio Chamber and is open to both members and nonmembers . Sunset Station is easy to get to and parking is free.

Please come and join me. We'll have a great time and you'll meet a ton of business contacts!

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