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Living the A+ Life

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Excuse me, can you tell me how to get where I am going?

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Events to Help You
Create the A+ LIfe
crystal training

First Tuesday Greater Connection Mixer
Tuesday, June 6, 5 PM
The Alameda
318 W. Houston, Suite 200.
Click here for more information.

District 2 Tour
Wednesday, June 14, 8:30 AM
Presented by the Greater Chamber.
Meet at Aldaco's at Sunset Station. Come for breakfast and then join the bus tour. To RSVP, click here.

Excuse me, can you tell me how to get where I'm going?Thursday, June 15, 6 PM
Landa Library, 233 Bushnell Ave. Click here to RSVP for this or upcoming seminars.

How to do Business with the Methodist Healthcare System
Friday, June 16, 7 AM
Quarry Golf Course
Presented by the Greater Chamber. To RSVP, click here.


I'm spending my time this month doing workforce training through Northwest Vista College. Hope you are enjoying yourself and staying out of the heat.

The album that Steven (my son) is part of got a great review. Read it here. and then preview the album by clicking on the link in the left hand column of this newsletter.

  • Living the A+ Life
  • reaching

    "I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen."
    -- Frank Lloyd Wright

    Last month I talked about making conscious choices when a request pulls you off the route to your dreams. But how do you say no and still feel okay about yourself?

    I used to believe that women had a harder time saying no, that we are somehow more likely to volunteer for activities even when we know our plate is full. Remember the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy woman.” Now I'm not so sure. I think all of us, men and women alike, are able to multi-task to such an extent that we have a hard time winding down at the end of the day or taking a break even when we desperately need it.

    In another organization (I’ll keep it anonymous to protect the innocent), I was asked to be membership chair. I had been a member of the organization for less than six months and really wanted a chance to be “just a member” for at least a year. I was happy to help out on particular short term projects, but membership was a year-long effort and one that I did not feel I could give the time and effort required. The woman who asked me acted irritated when I turned the position down. I felt horrible. It was, I’ll admit, a contributing factor to my leaving that organization. I expected her to understand and to respect that I would know best when I was overcommitted.

    Guard your resources.

    When you have determined which way you want to go and you get one of these requests to do something that pulls you away from your goal, have the courage to say no. If you know that your dream is still valid, that you still want to make that dream happen, you have no choice but to say no. Too often, we convince ourselves that an activity will take just a little bit of time, energy, money. Remember that your resources are limited. Remember that every activity that doesn’t lead toward your goal pulls you away, even if only for a moment. Can you afford the time? Is your goal something that you want to postpone? If so, you can say yes happily to these requests. If you have wanted to achieve this goal and it seems to ever recede from you, the cause may be your tendency to take on other projects that rob you of your resources.

    Try it for just one week.

    Try this. Make a decision to follow your dream for a week. Say no to every project that comes your way that does not directly result in you getting closer to your dream. Pretend that your dream is like your taxes. If you were like me, you were madly getting your taxes done (or finally deciding to file for an extension) right before April 15. The only other thing I did the week before the deadline were activities that absolutely could not be put off. Pretend that there is a deadline at the end of the week and you have to get as much done as possible on your big dream. For just one week, give that dream the highest priority in your life. If people need you, let them know that you are under deadline, but will gladly get back to them next week. Do not wait until you are on vacation to do this. Do it this month.

    My guess is that you will make more headway in this next week than you have in months, maybe even years. That feeling at the end of the week is what your entire life can be like. Give your dream a chance to flourish by believing in its importance and behaving accordingly.

    Have a marvelous month!

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  • Puzzle Results
  • puzzle light

    No winner for last month's puzzle. How about this one? On a digital clock, what is the "brightest" time?

    I'll pull one winner from this month's correct responses for a gift certificate from Entree's .

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  • Excuse me, can you tell me how to get where I am going?
  • finance map

    Want to figure out how to finance your dreams? Learn how to live your own A+ Life and make financial decisions based on what's really important to you. My financial planner, Kevin Moore hosts a free, interactive seminar designed to help align your financial resources with your life's goals.

    For more information, call 210-308-6669 and tell Kevin I sent you. Click here for info on Kevin or to RSVP.

  • Great Ideas on Attracting More Clients
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