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Events to Help Your Business Grow

Tips for a Successful Business

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Events to Help Your Business Grow

Join me at some of the following events:

Wednesday, August 4
7:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Presented by The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce at the Petroleum Club, 8620 N. New Braunfels, Energy Bldg., 7th Floor. Join me as I emcee The Largest Networking Event for Small Business in San Antonio. Click here to register for the event or call 229- 2119 (Tell them I sent you, please?)

Tuesday, August 10,
5:30 until we leave
hosted by the Radisson Hill Country Resort and Spa and yours truly - FREE, no RSVP needed. Just show up, relax, and meet some new friends.

Wednesday, August 11,
9 -10:30 a.m.

Presented by The BottomLine at the Greater Chamber's Small Business Resource Center - FREE
RSVP to 210-392-3309 or click here.

Wednesday, August 18,
5 -7:00 p.m.

Presented by the Greater San Antonio Chamber at The Westin La Cantera Resort, 16641 La Cantera Parkway. Chamber Members - $5.00, Potential Members - $10.00
No RSVP necessary

Friday, August 20,
9:00 -10:30 a.m.

Presented by The BottomLine at the Greater Chamber's Small Business Resource Center - FREE
RSVP to 210-392-3309 or click here.

Tuesday, August 24,
7:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Presented by the Greater Chamber's Northwest Area Business Council, at Hometown Buffet, 6059 La Cima (Take the Summit Parkway Exit off Loop 410.) Chamber Members - $10.00, Prospective Members - $15.00. Register here or call 308-2011.

For seminars custom-created for your business...


August...glorious days as long as you have air conditioning. Another definition of the word "August" is "inspiring awe or admiration." And doesn't that fit these days perfectly?

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  • Tips for a Successful Business
  • This is Tip #8 for creating a successful business.

    Hire Other People

    I finally woke up the other day. I realized that I don't like to file. I don't like to clean my house. I don't like doing yard work. I also realized that I'm not very good at those tasks either. (I've managed to keep three house plants alive for almost three years now - a major accomplishment for me.) So I decided to contract with people to do the things I don't like to do and don't do well.

    I also discovered that the folks who do these jobs don't charge as much per hour as I do. The guy who does my lawn asks for $40. The woman who gets me organized and does my filing charges me $40 - 60 for her once-a-month visits and now provides some basic clerical support as well. The woman who cleans my house charges me $60 every three weeks. My going rate is $50 an hour and all of these jobs entail at least two hours each. It doesn't make sense for me to do them when I can contract with other people, get these jobs done, and continue working.

    When I first started my business, I felt like I had more time than money. I'm not sure that was ever true, but if it was, it was only for the first six months. Once I landed more than one client, the see-saw flipped. Time became the most needed commodity. Don't get me wrong - I still need the money. But I can generate the income if I can find the time to get out and network, send my newsletter and keep my other marketing efforts up to date, and do the work. Providing business to people who can take care of things I don't do as well as I write, train, and design makes it easier for me to stay on task. And anything that keeps me on task helps my bottom line.

    How about in your business? Do you pay other people to do the jobs you don't do as well as your core talent. Do you think you can't afford it? Can you afford not to? (And if you want the names of the people who help make me successful, just drop me an email or give me a call.)

    If training, writing, or graphic design are not your core talents...
  • Lunch and Learn about WebGenius
  • On August 10, 18, 24, and 31, join us for a free Lunch and Learn about WebGenius.

    Learn how you can use this online marketing tool kit to quickly, easily and affordably reach customers and potential customers with timely, relevant news and information on your products and services.

    Designed for the small business, now anyone with basic typing skills can: manage their online presence, build an invaluable electronic file of customers and their preferences, electronically mail preformatted information and promotions, and offer items for sale on their website. What better way to keep good customers coming back? RSVP to 210-392-3309 or to

  • Focus on Business Growth
    • Do you have a clear growth strategy for your
    • Can you articulate that strategy to others?

    Do you have trouble prioritizing when faced with the competing demands of customers, employees, limited resources, and dwindling time?

    Focus on Business Growth from The BottomLine is a succinct, but highly effective one-on- one three-hour strategic solution for the small business owner. It will quickly help you clarify your options and rank your priorities. Led by veteran business strategists and marketing consultants, you'll leave with greater insight and practical next steps on your path to growth.

    For more information, click on the link below to visit The BottomLine or call 210-392-3309.

    Visit my friends at The BottomLine...
  • Recover your storage space
  • Do you have used computer equipment taking up valuable storage at your business? Are you keeping it in the hope that you will be able to sell it and recover some of your investment? Is the equipment dropping in value every day you hang on to it?

    Corona Visions will pick up your equipment, wipe any storage (hard drives, fax machine memory, etc.) of existing data, and repair and resell or recycle your equipment. You may even qualify for the new E- Broker Program and have part of the net profit of any resale value returned to you.

    Call 210-521-7612 to find out how Corona Visions can help you free up that storage space.

    Visit my friends at Corona Visions...
    :: 210-863-2250

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