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When TCM and Unger & Associates LLC talk about fundraising opportunities we encourage organizations to look for collaborative opportunities, that not only will help them raise money, but build the necessary "community" for their long term financial sustainability. We feel the community building process is as important as raising money. A stronger "community" allows you to build the necessary relationships with your donors and participants.


We were recently referred to a group out of Chicago IL, Investing In Communities (IIC)  http://iiconline.org.   Their premise of collaboration and community building is simple, with some great financial rewards for organizations in communities throughout North America.

  • IIC  is a tool allowing home buyers and sellers, office tenants and socially responsible real estate agents to work together for a common good, hopefully your agency.
  • Upon completion of the real estate transaction the broker remits a prearranged percentage of THEIR commission to IIC. IIC then distributes the funds to the agency the buyer has selected from among the IIC partner agencies. In just two years IIC has distributed $120,000+ NEW dollars to its partner agencies.
  • IIC has no geographic boundaries so the agent, buyer and NFP can be anywhere in North America.

Besides generating new funding, this model:

  • Helps educate the community about the agencies in your community who are making a difference.
  • Gives your agency exposure to new supporters and access to new unrestricted funding with no development costs.

To learn more about this model, please contact: mp@iiconline.org 

Please share your thoughts and comments on this model: info@tcmgr.com


Wealth Screening "Snapshot"
Now Available to Non-TCM Users

Understanding your donor's capability and potential to give to your agency is an important aspect in developing a capital campaign, setting goal
s for an appeal or determining an appropriate "ask".


Through TCM's WealthScreening Integration Tool, TCM can now provide non-TCM users  a confidential "snapshot" of your donor's five and one year capacity to give, their potential to give 'score' and compare this to two previous years of giving to your agency. (This not a substitute for a feasibility study or a full wealth screening process.)

You will get:

  • WealthEngines actual report of the donors screened.
  • A concise reportof the five and one Year Capacity for Giving, Potential for Giving and the Comparison to two campaigns of your choice, in both Excel and PDF formats.
  • A guide to help you interpret these scores.....

for $250 and $1.75 per name screened. For more information, please contact TCM at info@tcmgr.com.




Learn about:  The ywca Peoria embraces the LuLu!


The ywca of Peoria Illinois www.ywcapeoria.com is the largest provider of Homeless Services in the Peoria and surrounding county area.  Their programs offer a continuum of services with taking people directly off the street and to safety and continuing through Permanent Housing and self-sufficiency.  With the economy changes and donor dollars at an all time low, the ywca Peoria lost two of its very large programs.  Faced with this devastating community loss, the Board, Committees & Staff of the ywca began a campaign to save its large Homeless Services program.  At this year's Leader Luncheon successful entrepreneur Lucinda Yates. Lucinda touched attendee's hearts with her personal story of overcoming her homelessness Lucinda brought Peoria the first LuLu Cube.


CubeNinety eight LuLu's were passed at the event, people were challenged to go into the communityand fill them with their "change for change".  Each cube has a bit of the ywca's story printed on the side and a picture of a young homeless girl. Our leadership felt it was important that people saw the new face of homelessness as it exists in the Peoria area today, where the average age of a homeless person is ten.


See how people have used their cubes!



For more information contact: Kristy Schofield, Director of Operations, ywca Peoria, kristys@ywcapeoria.org


This new addition to our Fundraising Tip Newsletter will showcase an organization like yours. Our goal is that you hear from others and understand how they address some of the problems that you may also face. Let us know if you would like one of your programs showcased.


Total Community Manager Grants Awarded


Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine   www.mainejewish.org 


The Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) is a nonprofit organization serving Southern Maine and combines programming and fundraising for the Jewish Community. Its mission is to build Jewish community locally, in Israel and throughout the world. The JCA develops, provides, and supports diverse programs, education and services. We work with other Jewish organizations and local congregations, and functions as the hub of Jewish programming in Southern Maine.


Framing Our Community   www.framingourcommunity.org 


Framing Our Community (FOC), was founded in 1999 by community leaders that foresaw the economic and demographic changes that faced Elk City, Idaho and the surrounding area. These leaders believed success lay within the framework of proactive rather than reactive programs and that by providing demonstration projects and economic opportunities the community would survive the hard times ahead.


To accomplish our goals, FOC designed an integrated program that begins with restoring and improving the health of the forests and watersheds that surround our natural resource dependant community. We then utilize the small diameter, dead and dying trees in the manufacture of identified products for sale to niche markets. This effort required building human, social and cultural, physical and financial capital, and working collaboratively with federal agencies, governmental and tribal entities, and regional, national and local organizations.


WMPG   www.wmpg.org 


WMPG is the non-commercial, listener-supported, volunteer-run community radio station for southern Maine and beyond. From its beginning in 1973 as a clandestine dorm room project on the Gorham campus of USM, WMPG has become the robust broadcast voice for the people of southern and central Maine.


With a corps of well over 200 dedicated volunteers, and a small professional management staff, WMPG provides true public access to the airwaves. Volunteer programmers produce programs in at least 5 languages, present music from numerous genres, discuss a wide range of topics of local interest, record local news features, create original radio drama and more.


WMPG is supported by local individuals and businesses, students and also with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. WMPG is free from corporate influence.


Total Community Manager Upgraded Summer 2012


Effective immediately, TCM's Basic License (for the installed version) includes two simultaneous users for $500.


Beginning September 1, 2012 there will be pricing changes in almost all of our categories and add-ons due to platform and key TCM feature upgrades that will improve functionality and user experience to enhance your fundraising efforts! As we strive to meet your organization's data management and fundraising needs we wanted to share this exciting news as early as possible.


Our goal is to have the upgrade completed by the end of the summer. The upgraded features include:

  • The ability for customization of some data field names across multiple managers. This will allow you additional flexibility in naming the field for your specific needs.
  • The current TCM platform is being moved to a SQL express platform that will increase ease and over all speed of functionality, especially if you are a multiple license user.

A free, no obligation technology and fundraising assessment of your organization is available from
Unger & Associates LLC.  For details and to see if you qualify, contact info@davidunger.net.  

Contact a Total Community Manager Sales Associate to show you how Total Community Manager will help better manage your donors, and allow you more time to build the needed relationships with them.
Total Community Manager could be the right software package for you.
One of TCM's Associates can show you how TCM can quickly and easily save you time and resources, for a cost well within your budget.

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