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April 28, 2011

For Immediate Release
Contact: Rob Wilcox

Communications Director


California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Citizens Redistricting Commission
Meeting Summary for April 27th & 28th

SACRAMENTO, CA (April 28, 2011)

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission held business and public input hearings in Long Beach on April 27th and the City of Los Angeles on April 28th.  Hundreds of members of the public participated in the input hearings. 

At Wednesday's business meeting the Commission took the following actions: 

  • Adopted a code of conduct for Commissioners.
  • Authorized the Commission's Voting Rights Act counsel and technical consultants for line drawing to regularly meet, exchange information and collaborate on the preparation of alternative proposals for the Commission.
  • Authorized Commissioners Ancheta and Filkins Webber to identify an expert to conduct a polarized voting study in selected geographic areas in consultation with the Commission's Voting Rights Act counsel.

At Thursday's business meeting the Commission took the following actions:

  • Adopted initial guidelines for regional wrap-up sessions and preliminary maps,with respect to Congressional districts deviating in population by no more than one person.  With respect to State Senate and Assembly districts the target population deviation will be up to 5%.  Any deviation must be achieved with consistently applied Constitutional criteria.
  • Adopted a resolution to begin the line drawing in counties which are subject to review under the Voting Rights Act in accordance with criteria approved by the Commission.

The Commission will hold public input hearings in the City of San Gabriel April 29th, the City of San Fernando April 30th, and the City of Lancaster May 1st.  For more information please visit


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California's first Citizens Redistricting Commission is a new 14-member Commission charged with redrawing California's Senate, Assembly, State Board of Equalization, and Congressional districts based on information gathered during the 2010 census. The Commission must draw the State Senate, Assembly, State Board of Equalization, and Congressional districts in conformity with strict, nonpartisan rules designed to create districts of relatively equal population that will provide fair representation for all Californians.