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School's Out Edition

May 2012

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School's Out for the Summer!  We hope this end of the school year is the beginning of some great family time for you and yours.  We will be visiting family this summer as well as participating in some community activities to keep us all busy. 


Jane loves the summer with its lack of routine and more time with the kids.  Our oldest is back from her first year at college, so it's nice to have our whole family back together again!  Our kids have grown up so quickly it seems - so it's great when we'll all home and able to enjoy the time together.


We're including in this newsletter some of the activities that our kids have been involved in over the summers past that we really love.  Hopefully they'll spark some interest for your families in your area! 

Enjoy these lazy hazy days of summer with those whom you love ~ be it friends or family!


Happy Summer!


Bill & Jane Swanson
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Performing Arts Camps




E.T.C. is the Exciting, Entertaining, Educational Theatre Company.

An energetic and fun camp for students who enjoy the performing arts and want to be on stage. Campers will rehearse a musical show to be performed for family and friends Friday Night.

Campers should have an equal interest in singing, dancing and acting.

      ***No experience required-just high energy and enthusiasm.

Performances are held at 7:00pm, on Friday night of each session.

Prompt is a musical theatre workshop camp---not a performance opportunity. Campers will work on their musical theatre skills in acting, singing and dancing through study in vocal technique, stage presence and good audition materials.

This Camp is an excellent follow-up for an E.T.C. camper.




Vacation Bible School

Our church hosts an AWESOME VBS each year!  (we think it has to be one of the BEST - but, of course, we're partial!)

Due West UMC VBS - June 11 - 15


Sports Camps

Our kids have participated in the camps through Harrison High School each year.  Go to Harrison's website (or your local high school's site) and click on the Athletic Sports that you're interested to find the perfect camp for your kids!


Circus Camp

A day-camp experience designed to introduce children to circus, performing, and visual arts in a safe and noncompetitive environment. Camper age begins at 5 years old and includes teens. Any level of physical development & skill is welcomed.    


Sign of the Month




When the bevshop was moving into a brand new building, they needed signage to take advantage of their location on a busy intersection.  Located at the corner of Shallowford Road and I-85, a lot of potential customers go by every day.  But, they needed to know that the bevshop was there to serve them!


SIgns & More was hired to help people find this store.  FIrst we looked at the site and the plans for the building.  We recommended street and building signage.


But we did not forget the "NOW OPEN" Banner

Now Open Banner


Channel Letters and Logo Box for the Building

Channel Letter Sign



 Night View 


  Channel Letter Sign Night





Lighted Pan Face Post & Panel Sign by Street 





Lighted Street Sign at Night 
Business Lighted Street Sign



Don't Forget the Back of the Building from i-85!


Panel Signs for Back of Building 



Go to the bevshop at Shallowford and i-85 and you will be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives and immediately discover that the beer, wine and liquor products are priced very low to provide you with great value for your money.



And when you are ready to get signs for your new building or location, call SIGNS & MORE 770-383-8808 for the help you need.




Channel letters are the most used method of overhead signs for store front businesses. The lettering is very versatile, easily applied and seen at a distance. Many companies without a particular logo use the channel letters to simply indicate what their business does, such as Hair Dresser or Shoe Repair.


Channel Letters on Raceway

Channel Letters - Corner


The channel letter can be very diverse in how it is used. For example, virtually any font can be replicated with channel letters. The size of lettering is only determined by local code and developer allowances. The rule of thumb for sizing the letters for visibility is 1" tall per 30' of visibility. So, if you want your sign to be seen at a 300' distance the lettering should be at least 10" tall.



Budget Rent-A-Car LED Channel Letters


There are four methods for designing channel letters:

1) Front Lit: This allows the light to shine through the face of the letter with the use of a translucent acrylic face with a 1" trim. The channel box is usually 5" deep. This can be lit with either neon lamps or LED lighting. Due to their efficiency and low maintenance, LED lights are currently used most frequently.


Channel Letters Individually Mounted


Individual Channel Letters


2) Reverse: A Reverse channel letter has a face that is opaque, usually painted aluminum, and a back side enclosed with a clear polycarbonate. The box of the letter is usually 3 " deep. The letter is offset from the side of the building face or substrate with 1 " standoffs. This allows the light to hit behind the letter creating a halo effect.


3) Open Faced: An Open Faced letter is when the aluminum body has the face open to the public and is lighted with an exposed neon lamp. This creates a nice glow inside the channel and is colored according to the neon lamp color. Sometimes these letters will have a clear acrylic face.


4) Front/Back Lit: A channel letter that is both lit on the front and back. This is where the face is a translucent acrylic and the back is a clear polycarbonate. Using the 1 " standoffs allows the halo effect while the whole sign is lit up as well. 


The different methods of designing channel letters allow great room for creativity. Signs & More, Inc (770-383-8808) will create the channel lettering your business deserves.




Channel Letters LED 


Order any CHANNEL LETTER SIGN and get 10% OFF.

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Signs & More, Inc. is a full-service custom sign, vehicle wrap & banner manufacturing company that can satisfy all indoor or outdoor advertising needs. Design - Manufacture - Install, we do it all.  No project is too large or too small - monument signs, lighted channel letters, or full vehicle wraps to small window graphics, car magnets or inside wayfinding signs.  Signs & More is your obvious choice for excellent service and quality.  We specialize in matching specific colors in signs for detail oriented customers.

Let us promote you to the next level!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you,

Bill & Jane Swanson