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HAPPY New Year

January 2011

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As we put 2010 behind us, now is the time to start fresh and look forward with renewed spirit.  Every day is a new beginning and January 1st is no exception.  At Signs & More, we wish you a successful new beginning and a Happy New Year.


Bill & Jane Swanson

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New Year Resolutions


What resolutions are you making this year?  To lose weight?  To quit smoking?  To exercise more?  Will you keep these resolutions?  Most people do not.  The health experts tell us we are better off not making resolutions that we know we will not keep because this will only make us have less self esteem.  Yet, not making goals is like a ship without a rudder.  Perhaps instead of calling our ambitions "resolutions", we should think of them more as directions for our lives.  We will be allowed to get a little off course every once in a while, as long as we know our proper direction and return to the right course as soon as possible.  Like going on a trip, we should write down our destination (goals) and plot a map how to get there.  More things are accomplished in small steps than large leaps.  Break down your goals into small feats that are "doable" and keep a record of your progress.  Like a road map you will see where you need to be and when.  The last couple of years have set many of us off course, but 2011 may be the best time to reroute to our destinations.  At Signs & More, we pray you reach your desired destination and go well beyond your expectations.



Before - Old Colors & Faded

Church Monument Before - Tabernacle Baptist Church


Refurbished with New Faces & Readerboard

Tabernacle new 


Have you taken a good look at your church sign lately?  What impression does it convey?  Is it telling everyone you are old school and can't change your ways?  Is it saying times change but the church can't?  Is it inviting guests to join your worship?

God never changes, but styles and fashions do.  Just sprucing up the old sign may be what it takes to recharge the congregation.  But the younger generation, the next leaders of your church, usually want something with more glamour and pizzazz.


There are many ways to bring your church sign back to life: 

  • Refurbish the old sign
  • Add signage to the old sign
  • Add a digital sign
  • Add lighting
  • Change the letter design
  • Replace with a new sign

Post & Panel Directional Sign 

Post & Panel Church Sign 


3-Dimensional Cross & Flame logo 

Dimensional Cross & Flame


Stone Monument with Routed HDU Faces

Mars Hill Church Monunment Sign


Brushed Brass on PVC Dimensional Letters

Choir Dimensional Letters



Whichever method your church decides, the most important things to consider are:

  • Is the location still appropriate?
  • Is the sign current to today's styles?
  • Does the sign "fit" the congregation's current and future make-up?
  • Is the sign conveying the message your church wants everyone to understand?
  • Is the church getting maximum exposure?
  • Can it be done within budget?

If you are not getting noticed as you should, give us a call and our experts will be glad to assist in getting your message out & More.




Castlebrook was looking to enhance their image.  It was a very nice complex with old peeling signs.  Peeling Signs and Nice Complex do not go together.  Signs & More replaced all the Unit Number Directionals on the buildings and spruced up some other signs.  Now their Logo is all around, enhancing name/logo recognition, and the signs fit the nice look of the complex.


  Before                                                  After

Castlebrook Monument Before   Castlebrook Monument After

  Before                                                 After

Castlebrook Office Before  Castlebrook Office After

  Before                                                 After

Castlebrook RoomNo. Before  Castlebrook RoomNo. After


  Before                                                 After

Castlebrook Clubhouse Before  Castlebrook Clubhouse After

 Signs & More is a member of the Atlanta Apartment Association.

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Signs & More, Inc. is a full-service custom sign, vehicle wrap & banner manufacturing company that can satisfy all indoor or outdoor advertising needs. Design - Manufacture - Install, we do it all.  No project is too large or too small - monument signs, lighted channel letters, or full vehicle wraps to small window graphics, car magnets or inside wayfinding signs.  Signs & More is your obvious choice for excellent service and quality.  We specialize in matching specific colors in signs for detail oriented customers.

Let us promote you to the next level!
Bill & Jane Swanson