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Upper Kirby Update 

July 20, 2012  

Richmond Drainage Improvements: Traffic Control Changes Next Week     

Crews worked this week to regain ground lost from last week's rains. Storm sewer installation and pavement preparation activities moved quickly throughout the week in anticipation of an eventful construction week next week.

Storm sewer installation has now been completed to just east of the Richmond/Audley intersection. The run roughly between the west side of Wakeforest and the east side of Audley will be complete and ready for paving first thing Monday morning. New pavement will take approximately three days to dry to a point where it can handle normal traffic volume.

That means that a traffic control shift could take place as early as Thursday opening the roadway up again from the west side of Wakeforest to Buffalo Speedway. This stretch will likely remain unobstructed through the month of August. Movements through the Eastside/Richmond and Audley/Richmond intersections will be restored during this period.

Traffic will split as it does currently just west of Kirby to take two lanes in either direction around the construction area. Westbound motorists will be split with the right hand lane remaining along the northern curb line and the left hand lane shifting to the south side of the esplanade. Traffic will shift back to a normal configuration just west of Wakeforest. As is the case now, left turn movements will not be possible through the construction zone. Motorists will have to U-turn at the first available median opening and access destinations heading eastbound.

Work through the month of August will consist of two junction box installations at Kirby and at Wakeforest and storm sewer installation along a short run between Virginia and Wakeforest. The unpaved area between Kirby and Wakeforest will then be prepped for paving and poured. Once complete, traffic control will be removed from Kirby all the way to the east side of Audley and the remainder of the project will be completed between Audley and Buffalo Speedway, adopting the same traffic control configuration as is being used on the eastern portion of the project currently.

Lateral work on Eastside north of Richmond is ongoing and will continue next week. It is anticipated that storm installation will be completed next week and pavement preparation will begin. On the south side of Richmond, the roadway has been ready for paving for several weeks waiting on concrete availability. As restoring Richmond traffic is the priority, Richmond will be poured Monday and Eastside is currently scheduled to be poured next Friday. The roadway should be again open to traffic by the end of next weekend. Norfolk will follow shortly behind after minor water line work is completed.

Lateral line work will also take place on Audley north of Richmond as this project progresses. During all lateral work on Eastside and Audley, there will be just enough room for two-way traffic to pass. Please be sure to stay to the right as you pass the construction area to allow motorists traveling opposite you to proceed. Also be aware that no on-street parking will be permitted through the construction zone. Flagmen will assist in moving motorists safely through the construction area in these confined spaces.  

The Richmond Drainage Improvement Project between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway is one of two remaining systems still needing upgrades that feeds into the recently updated Kirby storm system and moves water south to Braes Bayou. The project will entail the installation of a new 6-foot storm drain to provide additional underground capacity and upgraded lateral systems and inlets on Eastside and Audley all aimed at addressing the serious flooding issues this stretch of Richmond is known to experience.

Please be on the lookout for further updates as work progresses.
For more information on Upper Kirby construction projects and for issues and concerns as construction progresses, contact Travis Younkin at 713.524.8000 or email travis@upperkirby.org.

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