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Upper Kirby Construction
The Month Ahead
Wakeforest 1

Wakeforest Roadway Repaving

Upper Kirby roadway reconstruction continues this month along Kirby Drive between Richmond and US 59, Buffalo Speedway between US 59 and Bissonnet. Wakeforest roadway construction is now complete allowing for unhindered vehicular movement between Richmond and US 59.

Buffalo Speedway Construction Traffic along this stretch of roadway will remain unchanged this month. One lane in either direction is being maintained along the west side of the roadway with a continuous left turn maintained in the center.

Southbound traffic should expect to be transitioned from two lanes to one lane just south of US 59 and northbound traffic should expect a similar shift to the west just north of Bissonnet.

The Month Ahead   
Work over the coming month will consist primarily of underground utility duct bank construction and existing underground utility relocations that will allow current overhead utility providers to begin the transfer of services to new underground facilities. Workers are hopeful to complete this work within the month at which time they will demobilize and allow utility transfers to take place.

The goal for completion of the entire reconstruction of Buffalo Speedway is November 2011. Between now and November, overhead utilities will be moved underground, the four-lane roadway will be repaved as a six-lane roadway to address the serious congestion issues along this stretch, the storm sewer system will be upgraded and a complete streetscape will be implemented to include pedestrian lighting, enhanced sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrian amenities and improved landscaping and irrigation.

Kirby Drive Construction 
Construction on Kirby Drive has appeared to be on hold over the past several months. This is certainly not the case. While roadway construction crews have been demobilized, utility providers have been at work transferring overhead services to the recently constructed underground duct banks. This process generally takes between 45 and 90 days and is nearly complete on Kirby. Utility providers have indicated that roadway construction crews will be clear to mobilize around mid-month and begin paving activities along the west side of Kirby.

The Month Ahead 
Existing construction barriers will remain on the west side of the roadway over the next several months as paving work commences.

Motorists should expect four lanes to remain unobstructed as utility crews proceed with the transfer of overhead services underground and even after paving work has begun later this month. Southbound motorists should expect the curbside lane approaching Richmond to remain right-turn-only throughout this phase.

This section of Kirby Drive is scheduled to be substantially complete in November 2011.

Wakeforest Construction  Wakeforest between Richmond and US 59 is now completely paved and striped and open to traffic. This improvement will provided much needed relief to Kirby Drive traffic through the current construction zone by providing a viable alternative route for motorists to access the US 59 frontage road from Richmond. The new roadway allows for one through lane in either direction and provides parallel parking space on both sides of the road.

The Month Ahead
The final touches on Wakeforest are being added over the next two weeks. Sidewalks will be complete by the end of this week and street-tree installation will take place next week.

For more information on Upper Kirby construction projects and for issues and concerns as construction progresses, contact Travis Younkin at 713-524-8000 or email travis@upperkirby.org.
The City of Houston Recognizes Upper Kirby Founding Board Member, Tommy Dickey
Dickey Proclamation

District C Council Member, Anne Clutterbuck Presents City of Houston Proclamation to Tommy Dickey

City of Houston Council Member, Anne Clutterbuck; Upper Kirby District Founding Board Member, Lonnie Schiller and current Upper Kirby Management District Board Chair, Rob Axelson joined Upper Kirby property owners, board members and friends on March 7 to  honor Upper Kirby Founding Board Member, Tommy Dickey for his over 20 years of public service in the Upper Kirby District.  


Attendees gathered at the newly opened, Ava Kitchen and Whiskey Bar at West Ave. where Council Member Clutterbuck presented Tommy with a Mayoral Proclamation reading as follows:


"...Tommy Dickey has spent over two decades in public service as a Director on the board of the Upper Kirby District. As a founding Director of the Upper Kirby District in 1986, Tommy Dickey helped pioneer the vision that led to this now vibrant commercial and residential destination. His dedication to public improvement and sustained progress in the Upper Kirby District solidifies Tommy Dickey as one of Houston's greatest and most influential civic leaders.


The City of Houston commends Tommy Dickey for his tireless service to the community and for his commitment to impacting meaningful and positive change for the City as a whole..."


The Upper Kirby District thanks Tommy for his tireless dedication to civic improvement.


New to the Upper Kirby Area?
Did you Know Security Patrol Services are Available?
Patrol Map

In 1989, the businesses and residents of the Upper Kirby District were concerned about the increased criminal activity in the area.  As a result, a supplemental security patrol was formed to serve Upper Kirby area businesses and participating residents.   


Since August 1991, Upper Kirby District businesses and residential neighborhoods have been patrolled by employees of Harris County Precinct One Constable's Patrol Division under the supervision of Constable Jack Abercia.  The patrol is coordinated with Precinct One by Upper Kirby Management District.


 The businesses and residents who help to underwrite the patrol have access by telephone to Precinct One's central dispatch.  They are reporting suspicious persons and incidents to the deputies and as a result, potential criminal incidents are being thwarted.  As more residents participate in the patrol, the downward trend in crime in our neighborhood will continue.


The following services are provided by the Precinct One program:


  • 24 hour central dispatch.
  • Uniformed, armed deputies who are certified police officers, licensed by the state to enforce the laws of Texas.
  • Distinctly marked, emergency law enforcement vehicles.
  • Central dispatch telephone number provided upon receipt of registration.
  • Generally close to a five minute response time.
  • Residential vacation watches.
  • Business special watches.
  • Response to burglar alarm when notified by alarm company.
  • Traffic control - as certified police officers, the deputies can respond to and issue citations to reckless, speeding or thoughtless drivers.
  • Residential security checks: - A time can be scheduled for a deputy constable to visit your residence to discuss how you can better prevent criminal activity on your premises.

If you are interested in signing up for Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Patrol services, residential contracts and additional information can be downloaded here, or, please call 713-524-8000. 

If you have a new business, development or community event that you would like included in the monthly Upper Kirby news, please contact us at 713.524.8000 or submit to streettalk@upperkirby.org
Requests will be posted subject to space availability and appropriateness of content.
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