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New Products & Company News
Software Update v.1.2.8
ECIS Webinar Schedule
New Publications
Tradeshows 2009
Tip of the Month - Improving Experiment Repeatability
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New Products

Z  Ztheta
Applied BioPhysics is proud to introduce two new instruments:
the ECIS Z and the ECIS Z Theta

The ECIS Z system replaces the 1600 instrument that measures impedance and the ECIS Z Theta replaces the 1600R system that measures impedance, resistance and capacitance.  Both systems can monitor 8, 16 or 96 well tissue culture arrays. A new software program, based on the matlab software engine, uses an integral mathematical model that can report time course changes in the barrier function of confluent cell layers as well as other cell parameters (see article below for more details on the software update).

flow station
Multi-Pump Flow System
We now offer a flow option providing the ability to measure cell changes under dynamic flow conditions. The pump is controlled by the ECIS software.  Up to 8 pumps can be simultaneously controlled. The pump system includes the controller, pump, bottles, tubing and a starting supply of flow arrays.

Company News
Dr. Charles Keese has assumed responsibility of company President and Dr. Ivar Giaever is now Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Applied BioPhysics has hired two new employees:

Dr. Christian Renken is our new Applications Scientist. He received his Ph.D. in Biology from UCSD and his BS in Physics from UCLA. Christian has broad experience in cell biology with publications in the fields of apoptosis, calcium signaling, membrane thermodynamics, mitochondrial physiology and structural biology. He will be developing new applications for ECIS and reaching out to customers to learn how current ECIS techniques may be improved or developed to better serve the ECIS community. Researchers interested in collaborating with Christian can reach him directly at renken@biophysics.com

Ms. Nancy Vlahos is our new Technical Sales Associate. She received her MS in Environmental Science from Yale University and her BS in Chemistry from SUNY Purchase.  Nancy will be serving the North American market consulting with researchers to match ECIS technology with their individual needs and goals.  To begin a conversation with Nancy please contact her at vlahos@biophysics.com.

Software Update v.1.2.8

Last year Applied BioPhysics began a project to develop a software platform that consolidates all instrument control and data analysis into a single package. The new software is based on the Matlab engine which provides an advanced user interface, graphing capabilities and data analysis. 

The new ECIS software provides a more user-friendly interface, the ability to load multiple files, quick modeling, easy export of data and graphs, and many more features that make data acquisition and analysis intuitive for all ECIS users.

The software is available for both Windows (XP Vista) and Mac OSX (Intel) and supports the following ECIS systems:
  • Models 1600 and 1600R (Windows only for acquisition)
  • ECIS Z and Z-Theta (Windows or Mac OSX for acquisition)
  • 16 and 96 well array stations
  • Heidolph and Applied BioPhysics flow systems
Existing data files from Models 1600 and 1600R can be readily imported and analyzed with the new software. The software is available as a free upgrade to all ECIS instruments owners and any users who wish to analyze their ECIS data off-line. 

Please contact info@biophysics.com for details on how to get the latest version (v.1.2.8).
ECIS Webinar Schedule 2009

ECIS Application Webinars review the topics listed below in 20 minute, web-based, interactive seminars presented by Dr. Charles Keese. All webinars will be held at 11:00am ESDT. To register for a webinar, please email info@biophysicis.com.

-ECIS Theory - Tuesday, July 7
-Cell Invasion/Extravasation - Tuesday, July 21
-ECM Measurements/Cell Wounding - Tuesday, August 4
-Barrier Function - Tuesday, August 18
-Electroporation - Tuesday, September 8
-Cell Migration - Tuesday, September 22
-Signal Transduction - Tuesday, October 6
-Toxicology with ECIS - Tuesday, October 20

For more information, please visit: http://www.appliedbiophysics.com/contactUs/webinar.html
New Publications

Irina Gorshkova, Donghong He, Evgeny Berdyshev, Peter Usatuyk, Michael Burns, Satish Kalari, Yutong Zhao, Srikanth Pendyala, Joe G. N. Garcia, Nigel J. Pyne, David N. Brindley,and Viswanathan Natarajan, Protein Kinase C-Regulates Sphingosine1-Phosphate-mediated Migration of Human LungEndothelial Cells through Activation of Phospholipase D2,Protein Kinase C-, and Rac1. Journal of Biological Chemistry (Vol. 283, No. 17, April 25, 2008).

Theresa M. Curtis, Joel Tabb, Lori Romeo, Steven J. Schwager, Mark W. Widder and William H. van der Schaliec, Improved cell sensitivity and longevity in a rapid impedance-based toxicity sensor. Journal of Applied Toxicology (January 2009).

Theresa M. Curtis, Mark W. Widder, Linda M. Brennan, Steven J. Schwager, William H. van der Schaliec, Julien Feyand Noe Salazar,  A portable cell-based impedance sensor for toxicity testing of drinking water. Lab Chip, 2009, DOI:10.1039/b901314h.

Have you recently published an article that includes the use of ECIS? If so, submit your publications to Applied BioPhysics via email to Nancy Vlahos at vlahos@biophysics.com. We will announce your article in our newletter, post it on our website and send you 2 FREE 8 well arrays!
Visit Us at Upcoming Events!

Applied BioPhysics will have ECIS demonstrations and informational literature at the following events: 

regensburg1st ECIS Research Meeting
University of Regensburg
Regensburg, Germany
July 30 - 31st

Talks given by ECIS users from different fields of applied and basic research will address a broad range of established ECIS applications including cell adhesion monitoring, the ECIS-based wounding healing assay and ECIS as a screening tool in drug and cytotoxicity testing. It will include presentations by the founders: Dr Ivar Giaever, Nobel Laurette, and Dr Charles Keese in addition to researchers who will present their recent data and findings.

Drug Discovery & Development 2009
World Trade Center Boston
Boston, MA
August 3-6, 2009

SBS: Screening Stem Cells
Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston, MA
September 2-3, 2009

Genetics and Genomics of Vascular Disease
Cape Codder Resort
Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA
September 13-16, 2009

American Society for Cell Biology - 49th Annual Meeting
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA
December 5-9, 2009
Tip of the Month - Improving Experiment Repeatability

Before inoculating wells with cells and running ECIS experiments, we recommend using the new electrical stabilization feature that is part of most ECIS instruments. Following electrical stabilization, we also recommend letting the electrode equilibrate in medium for at least 15 minutes before inoculation to allow impedance values to settle. This will minimize impedance drift during an experimental run and establish good reproducibility from one experiment to another.

For more information on improving experiment repeatability, please visit the ECIS FAQ page of our website.
ECIS Humor

Need a good laugh? Visit the ECIS Cartoons page of our website to view cartoons by Catherine, our in-house cartoonist to start your day with a smile.

Are you the creative type? Submit one of your own cartoons; if we post it on our website we will send you a free array!
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