New Projects in Africa! 

We have so many faithful partners who are helping all of our projects in Africa expand in every direction.


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have booked my ticket to go to Africa November 29 with a strong team which includes my sonRyanwho will be our Videographer.  We will be inspecting all the projects in Rwanda and Kenya.  Dan Peters is leading a team December 27.  I am going back March 2012.
You have probably heard me give reports on our four projects in Rwanda: Jabana, Gatsata, Cyuru and Buhoro, and 1 project in Nairobi.


This is an update on the newest projects in Africa: SOON TO BE 15 PROJECTS IN AFRICA!
NEW CAMPUSES in Rwanda (There are four already established):
#5  Kigaga (Apr '11)
Kigaga Land by Lake

This campus started in April 2011 and the weekly attendance is 200 people.  Kigaga is about 1 hour North East of Kigali. Four days ago Ernest (our Rwanda builder) started working on the new building which is by a lake. In 40 days, the foundation, poles and roof should be done. I am really looking forward to preaching under this new structure in December. It will cost $50,000 to finish the walls, cement floor, stage, washrooms, sound equipment and chairs.


Leaders: Alphonse & Saraare so thankful and happy, and the church is growing.

#6 Kagugu, Kigal(Sept '11)
Pastor Emmanuel N. started the campus in Jabana 4 years ago, then again in Buhoro, and now he has started this project in September.  Rent, a sound system, chairs and advertising have all been given by generous sponsors. This rental property is 300 meters from the Kigali University (12,000 students). Emmanuel is praying for money for his salary to buy property and to renovate it for a total of $40,000 (downpayment of $7,000, then $18,000 due in February, and $15,000 of renovations).  For buying land in the city, this is a good price.

Leader: Emmanuel Ntagora
#7 Kamembe (Nov  '11)

Emmanuel G. started a Bible study in September (seen above) and it already has 40 people. This Bible study will officially become a Word of Life Campus on November 4. They are renting a building and paying 1/2 the rent themselvesThey need a used laptop and a camera so they can send us pictures & updates. They are praying and planning to own chairs
sound equipment, chairs, and property soon. They believe we will have 5 WOL CAMPUSES and HOH projects in this needy area. Kamembe is 6 hours West of Kigali.


Leader: Emmanuel Gatera
#8 Kibali, near Cyuru (Nov 4)

Two weeks ago Pastor Fidele had a crusade in Kibali, 15 kilometers west of Cyuru where 700 people came and 100 gave their lives to Christ. Last week, 200 people came to the small group and 25 people got saved. They need $15 more a month for rent as they are trying to raise as much money as possible. They need benches and sound equipment that will cost $4000. They are looking for property to buy, ($1000 given so far)  so they can build a church. There are many desperate children in this area as well.


Leader: Pastor Fidele is training Prince to lead this campus.

Coming Soon:

SCHOOL: 2012
Fidele is wanting to start a kindergarten school.  The nearest school is 3 km away, which is very far for young children.  They are wanting to start in January (the time school starts in Rwanda) with 70 students aged 3-5. A budget is being set for teachers, blackboards, books, pencils, etc.  The school would operate every morning in the Cyuru Church building. 



 Congo: 2012 
Plans are being made now to start in Congo, 20 minutes from Kamembe, Rwanda. 

#9 Gitarama (2012)


Ernest our builder has done such a great job in all of our new campuses. He has a burden to start a Bible study in Gitarama and have a campus early in 2012. Gitarama has many needy areas.


Leader: Ernest

#1 Kware (Apr 2010)

This Campus has been our key Campus with 30 core leaders. Now these leaders are reaching out in various areas. They need a sound system, keyboard and chairs which totals $6000, and monthly rent/utilities of $300. 


Leaders:  Pastor Daniel
is training Fred & Lilian
#2  Soweto (Oct 2011)

Pastor Dickens had a burden to start a Church beside a slum.  HOH Dream Centre is caring for 27 children in this area.  A life group has been meeting regularly and growing in strength so they started a campus this month. They need a sound system, keyboard and chairs, which totals $6000, and monthly rent of $200. WOL Ponoka is partnering with this campus.


Leaders: Pastor Dickens and Dyna


#3  Tenwek (Dec 2011)
David - Core Leader

Three hours west of Nairobi, is an area where David grew up and he has been leading life groups there since September.  He is ready to start a campus in December. They need a sound system, keyboard and chairs, which totals $6000, and monthly rent of $200.


Leader: David


#4 Kariobangi (Jan 2012)

Close to the Dream Centre #1 and the 30-acre dump. They have two small groups meeting now. As soon as they get a financial miracle, they can start as a Campus. They need a sound system, keyboard and chairs, which totals $6000, and monthly rent of $350. 


Leader:  George
#5  Donholm (Jan 2012)

When we secure the BIG HOUSE  (Dream Centre #2) in November, Pastor Daniel will immediately start small groups, outreaches and a Sunday service. They need a sound system, keyboard and chairs, which totals $6000, and monthly rent of $200.


Leader: Daniel and Diana Bushebi





If you want to partner with one of these new campuses, or if you have any questions, please contact me personally by hitting reply or calling my cell 403-318-5646.


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