NEW TOYS At The Dream Centre!!

New Toys!

New toys!
Dan Peters, Terry Markovich, and Darcy Lamoureux (from Alberta) were just in Kenya and they blessed the kids with some new toys!  At first, the children didn't know what to do with them, but once they were shown that the toys were to play with, they loved them!

Rahab and toysPlaytime!Benjamin - guitar


Rescued Babies This Month:

Rescued Children - August




Father's status is unknown.  Mother is mentally ill.  Mary was taken by her grandmother who is very old, HIV+, and was recently evicted (failing to pay $12 rent).  Grandmother sought help, found the HOH Dream Centre and willingly signed the custody release papers, wishing Mary her best.


She was found at the dump at 1 year, 10 months old. She was abandoned by her mother and was found by a good Samaritan who contacted the HOH Dream Centre.

Mother left when he was 8 months old, Father later remarried. Francklin's father and step-mother burned him with hot tea.  He was taken to the hospital for care.  The father refused to take the child back from the hospital, so a hospital worker called the HOH Dream Centre and he is now living there.  Because he us malnourished, he hasn't started walking yet due to being weak.


Abandoned by his parents, a good Samaritan found him along the street near a slum.  Dream Centre staff took the child to inform the relevant authorities the next morning (August 29).  The child is now under the care and custody of the Dream Centre!  We do not know his name yet, as his sponsor will be choosing one for him.  He is approximately one year old.  He can stand by himself with help of nearby objects for support.  


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