From Your Heart to Theirs


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Home of Hope was also featured on page 3 of our local newspaper!  Read the GREAT article about the Dream Centre here!

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From Your Heart to Theirs

This picture really says it all about a sponsor sending a gift to their sponsor child overseas.

After having the privilege of being present when a child receives a gift from their sponsor from Canada I can tell you it is really incredible to see the face of a child light up so quickly and so brilliantly when they take hold of that gift in their own precious hands.  Many just look at the gift and touch it, feel it, and look at the wrapping or package it came in.  Some dive right in and rip into it and squeals of joy and happiness and the look of sheer joy are so evident on their precious faces. With either of these ways of opening their gifts the children are always, always, so tremendously happy it really is hard to put into words.

Want to send your sponsor child a gift?  Find out how by clicking here.

Thanks again for all you do!

In India...
Med India May newsletter
Calling All Medical Professionals!

Want to see what your skills can do in a world away?

India is waiting.


Yes, you can make a profound difference in a world overseas in the nation of India. Here the countryside is beautiful, the culture is beautiful and the people are beautiful.  The people do need your help. Many, many people are in desperate need of just one person to care for them and to care for their medical and dental needs.  Your skills will be greatly used, greatly tested and greatly appreciated in this world of some of the poorest people known on the earth. Come join a team and see what a change of pace and a commitment to be the difference really means.  Help another person, work along side some local professionals and see what awaits you.  You may make some of your best relationships right there in India. Contact Home of Home India at to get your questions answered and you on your way to what might be the best experience of your life.

P.S. We currently have a portable dental equipment kit available for any dentist interested in going. 

In Kenya...
Small Group, Big Ripple

A group of 160 women have changed the landscape of Nairobi. These ladies from a central Alberta community and church were brought together for a cause far from home.

Thank you City Life Christian Centre for raising $11,000 for the Dream Centre!

LBD Event

LBD Event - HOH Table

The Home of Hope Dream Centre located in the capital of Kenya is one that rescues babies that are left in that capital's dump. Thrown away. Thrown away like the garbage and debris around them. So many young ones are dropped off by their parents, grandparents or people who have been left to look after them and no longer can. They are desperate people with no options left for their life situation.


The Little Black Dress Event held in Leduc, Alberta is one that can change all that for many and give these discarded children at chance at a future. This event gave women a chance to get together, enjoy time together, share a bite to eat and take in an unconventional fashion show, and purchase some custom jewelery with all the proceeds going to the HOH Dream Centre. more 

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