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March Newsletter


The team of 9 people from Alberta are on their way home from a successful time in Rwanda!  To see some pictures of their trip on Facebook, click here.

The next teams going to Rwanda & Kenya are April 12-26 and
July 29-August 10Join a team here.



HOH Rwanda's Present Needs - Updated! 

- One need is to buy pigs for poor families to become self-supporting.  Read Lee's story here.

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Kenya Dream Centre Update:

3 New Babies

Five more babies have been rescued in the last two weeks and are now living at the HOH Dream Centre in Kenya!  That brings it to a total of 12 children who are being cared for since February 17 when the project was started.  Lots of these babies have no name and the sponsor of the child have been delighted to give the child a name!

Thank you to those of you who are already
sponsoring these babies!


If you would like more information on how to be apart of this new project, click here to be added to our weekly update email.

HOH Dream Centre's Present Needs - Updated!


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Here is a great picture from the February team of Judy and the boys at the Home of Hope in India.  Judy is the daughter of the founders of HOH India, Bob & Kay Hoover.  In May, their GREAT-granddaughters are going to India on a mission trip! 


Judy and the HOH boys

Judy Dorken & the HOH Boys 


HOH India's Present Needs - Updated! 


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