Pictures from the Rwanda Team!

Thank you to everyone who has already sent money over to buy your sponsor child a Christmas gift! It is NOT TOO LATE to buy a Christmas gift for an orphan or your sponsor child!

The team in Rwanda is having a tremendous time loving on children, giving out Christmas gifts, and much more.  See the highlights with pictures below! Feel free to click on the pictures to see them full screen.

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Awesome Team Pictures:
Director Brian Thomson
Brian & Patrick
Little Patrick made Brian laugh so hard!
He gave him a Christmas present from his sponsor, Brian's son, Brayden.

Tennis Ball Gifts
Tennis Balls - Dec 2010
Boxes upon boxes of used tennis balls were donated from a local tennis club. They were given to children who don't have a sponsor yet., at the feeding program in Buhoro.   Rwandan children LOVE tennis balls!
Special Thanks
Elroy - Dec 2010
Special thanks for Elroy Pankratz (Oliver, BC) who spend over 3 months helping all of our projects in Rwanda.  We couldn't have done it without him!
New Clothes for Orphans
Gatsata Gifts - Dec 2010
A great picture of the 7 orphans living in the Gatsata Home getting
new clothing!
JUST opened in June 2010.
The Local Mayor has picked these desperate orphans to move to the Home of Hope.

Cedric's Christmas
Cedric Gift - Dec 2010
One highlight was handing out gifts from the sponsors to the kids. To see their faces light up when they opened them was great!  This is Cedric from the Gatsata home sitting on his bunk bed opening gifts from his sponsors in Canada.
Yvonne (right) is his Caregiver.

Health Cards
Health Cards - Dec 2010
208 health cards were given out to NEW desperate children in Buhoro, a very poor rural area. None of these children could afford this $2 health card which allows them access to medicine and hospitals for an entire year.
Microloan Business
Dan Peters (Didsbury) and Sheldon Kabut (Red Deer) really enjoyed meeting with this microloan team in Cyuru.  They are selling grain together, have repaid their loan, and are requesting another similar loan to expand their business 4 times the size in 6 months! 
This business opportunity has impacted all of their lives so much!  Their children can now go to school, have health cards, eat and dress better.

Dan says "It is pretty humbling as you sit there and watch them cry as they tell you what a big difference it has made for them."

Jabana Caregivers - Dec 2010
Here are 5 of the tremendous widows who are Caregivers of sponsored orphans at the
Home of Hope Jabana Duplex.

We gave them a Christmas bonus for the great job they have been doing for 3 years in Rwanda.

Feeding Program
Feeding Program - Dec 2010
On Saturdays in Buhoro, there is a weekly feeding program that feeds approximately 100 children.
This last Saturday, over 200 kids came for a fun meeting 
in the new Church building that was just dedicated last Sunday.  All 200 were fed a big hot meal.
Cyuru Church Building
Cyuru Church = Dec 2010
The outside of the Cyuru Church building. 
In July, it had only poles and a roof.  Now, it looks great!

Medical Help
Dr. Philippe - Dec 2010
Dr. Philippe (Rwanda) in Buhoro doing medical checkups and helping the sick.  Many people are suffering from treatable sicknesses.
Buhoro Dedication
Buhoro Dedication - Dec 2010
Here is a picture of the Buhoro Church dedication service where 800 people came and 26 people got saved.
This Church will be full and go to
2 services very soon.
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