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2010 is Almost Over!
Pastor Fidele's Wedding
HOH Kenya Newsletter
Help us Make Christmas GREAT!
Give a gift to a child! Christmas 2009
Many of you helped make Christmas amazing for desperate children last year.  You have the opportunity again this year!

Director Brian Thomson is going over to Rwanda with a small team in December.  They will be overseeing the gift distribution.  We can get pictures and updates of your child to send back to you.

Suggested gift is $25, but please feel free to give a gift of any size by December 15.  Our great team of Caregivers can shop for gifts for the children and get them something special that they need.


Please reply to this email or call 403-343-6570 ext 6 to contribute.

FEATURED PROJECT: Buhoro, RwandaBuhoro walls construction
4th location
Last Sunday, there were 138 children, 140 adults and 17 salvations in the newly started church!

A sponsor is providing food to feed 75-80 children every Saturday!

Elroy Pankratz (Oliver, BC) is doing a great job overseeing the building that is almost complete.  A dedication service is being planned for December 3.

2010 is Almost Over!
Consider a generous donation
As this year comes to an end, and we begin 2011, year-end donations are welcomed! We want to finish this year strong and have a boost to push us into this next year. We are excited for all the lives that will be changed this coming year and your gifts are GREATLY appreciated!

Any gifts that you would like to be included on your 2010 tax receipt, must be received by December 31, 2010.

Pastor Fidele
Wedding Date

On December 11, 2010, Fidele, Pastor of Cyuru area, who oversees the HOH duplex, 137+ children and oversees microloans in his area, will be getting married!

Some people that know Fidele are sending a cash wedding gift that we are compiling and giving to him.

Join a Mission Trip!
Upcoming Teams

  - February 1-16, 2011 - Pastor Larry & Brenda Handford (Camrose, AB) will be leading a team
 - May 10-25, 2011 -
Director Brian Thomson will be leading this team.

  - March 2011 - Pastor Ed Furst & Doctor Johann (from Olds, AB) will be leading this team
  - April 12-May 22, 2011 - Tricia & Jocelyne from Edmonton Church on 99 are going back to Rwanda (for 5 weeks) and Nairobi (for 4 days).

It is not too
late to join these teams.  Please reply to this email or find more information on our website - click here.

HOH Kenya - Newsletter
From Daniel Bushebi

Home of Hope started in Nairobi in April 2010.

Click here to view the newsletter from Nairobi:
- A report of visiting teams
- Children sponsored
- Vision for the future
- Great pictures

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Home of Hope is INTENT on helping desperate people become self-sufficient.
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