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Hello !
There are many great things happening with Home of Hope!  Click on these quicklinks ------->

HOH Tweet of the week:
"I have 2 words for you guys.....'SIMPLY AWESOME ' " Sneha (Olds, AB) about #HomeofHope.

Rwanda: 100s of Health Cards
Video Interview with Dan
Teens Prepare to go to HOH India
HOH Kenya - Sponsored!
Sponsor of the Month
Brad & Amber

Sponsorship couldn't happen without the kindness of quality people like the couple we would like to introduce to you below.

Amber and Brad Fisher have three children of their own, and are busy with running a business, participating in their vibrant church and taking care of all the details we all have on a daily basis. But something motivated them to share what they had with desperate children in a faraway place we know as India. Their motivation, they say, is the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:40 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." You see, sponsorship is about doing what you can, not about thinking about why you can't. As Amber puts it
"we are so fortunate to live in a nation of great prosperity, I would find it difficult not to bless others as we are so richly blessed".

For this couple and their family they say the joy they get out of helping kids is "knowing that we are making a huge difference in the life of a child when it really does cost so little." Sponsorship is about giving what you can and watching it become a healthy happy person or place touched by your generosity and your prayers.

Thank you to all our sponsors. Thank you for being the difference in Rwanda, Kenya and India.

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child or care worker please reply to this email.

Skateboard Deck 1

Skateboard Deck 2

Skateboard Event
Charity Art Auction
Empire Snow & Skate (Red Deer) will be hosting this creative event which will bring the skateboarding and art community together while fund-raising for
Home of Hope!

Blank skateboards will be the canvas that artists paint on and then sell at the end of the night!

Please email for more information.
100s of Health Cards
Someone read our newsletter that it only costs $2 USD to get a health card for someone in Rwanda - he was so excited that he paid for a few hundred! He was so shocked to see that it costs so little to help a child get access to health care in Rwanda.
"We are so blessed in Canada and to see something like that is so cheap, I had to get involved and help this project."

Also, one of the people going to Rwanda on a team in November received $500 "to spend on the biggest need you see when you are there."
It is more fun to have money when traveling
to these poor countries!
You can channel gifts to these projects and get a tax receipt for it!  Reply to this email for more details.

Video Interview with Dan
Funny Moments on Mission Trips

Dan Peters has partnered with Home of Hope and Brian Thomson.  He has traveled to Rwanda, Kenya and India on mission trips, sometimes for as long as 8 weeks.
Dan was interviewed recently and he told of some of his favorite moments while on these mission trips.  Some are hilarious while others are life changing!

Dan Peters Interview Thumbnail
FEATURED PROJECT: Buhoro, RwandaBuhoro walls construction
4th location
Last Sunday, there were 66 children and 96 adults in the newly started church!

A sponsor is providing food to feed 75 children every Saturday!

Elroy is doing a great job overseeing the building that is almost complete.  A dedication service is being planned for December

Teens Prepare to go to HOH India
Upcoming Teams

February 1-16, 2011 - Pastor Larry & Brenda Handford from Camrose, AB will be leading this team.
May 10-25, 2011 - HOH Director Brian Thomson will be leading this team.  Here are what two of the team members are saying:

"I'm so excited to go to India because my great-grandparents started the "Boys Home of Hope" over there 30 years ago, and I want to see what was started by my family. And I'm so excited to go out and speak the word of God into a place thaBoys in Indiat has so many different gods." - Felicity

"I am so excited to see where God is going to take me in this next season of my life. I cannot wait to go to India and fall in love with every single child there. Everything I will learn and experience over there will transform my life for the better." - Sapphira
HOH Kenya - Sponsored!
Sponsored & Lionel

Here are 2 children who were recently sponsored.
Thank you so much!!

Lionel Batke Ministering
Also, Lionel Batke from Vancouver was in Nairobi for 1 week recently.  He visited our projects in Kenya and trained staff and leaders.
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