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Home of Hope is spreading further into Rwanda, India & Kenya!  Thank you for your support!

Elroy & small child
Elroy Pankratz from Oliver, BC has now arrived in Rwanda
and will be there for 3 months! He will be a great asset
for the enhancement of the building projects
in all 4 of our Rwanda locations!
Pastor Brian Thomson
Join the November team!

Director Brian Thomson is leading this team. There is a doctor going over with him.  YOU can join this team and make a huge impact too.

 Interested? Click here

We have recently updated and condensed our promotional video!

Watch this 1 MINUTE video and share it with your friends, family, and coworkers!
Watch it here.

In a country where infections and diseases are so common, health cards are very important, as hospitals will turn people away without one.  Health cards are approximately $2 each for one year.  This is a very small cost for Canadians.  But some Rwandans just cannot afford it.
A HOH sponsor sent enough money for about 300 children and adults in Cyuru to get a health card.

The children wrote her a wonderful thank you letter with this picture.

"It's wonderful to be able to see all those I've helped,
and encourages me to keep on helping!" - Evie

Julie and Mutoni"This was my second trip to Rwanda and it was fantastic to see how much sponsorship can change a community within 1 year.  Last year I had the opportunity to interview a number of needy orphans in the area of Cyuru.  It seemed that almost every child was malnourished and living with worms, aids or another ailment.  Last year you could see in their eyes that they had no hope.  This year many of the kids are smiling, happy, fed, dressed well and full of hope and dreams.
Sponsorship works!!!!"

Night & Nahshon:
These brothers live in KENYA with their aunt and her 4 children.
Their father died in 10 years ago and their mother 7 years ago. They were so young when their parents died that they do not even know their own birthday! Although they have previously been enrolled in school, basic needs like food and clothing are not being met for these boys.

I want to sponsor Night or Nahshon now!

There are 9 children in Kenya that need sponsorship!
I want to help!

Dan is 7 years old. His father was a soldier and died before Dan's first birthday. His mother was killed in a vehicle accident in 2007. He is now living with his uncle in Gatsata, RwandaHe has skin problems and would like to be a doctor.

To sponsor Dan, click here.

Click here to see other children who are in desperate need of sponsorship
or phone Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 6.

Rwanda - Sponsorship for Pastor Emmanuel
 - Key Home of Hope leader for 3 years - very faithful
 - Helping NEW Buhoro (Gitarama) project
Need: $25, $50, $100 a month towards total salary

Other present needs for HOH Rwanda

 - Full-time English teacher - $200CAD/month
 - Care-givers salaries/sponsorship

Other present needs for HOH India

 - Need a place for the church to meet permanently (build a building, rent or buy land)

Or go directly to our Online Sponsorship Forms:  Rwanda  India  Kenya

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