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A team of 21 Canadians just got back from Rwanda!  Here is their report:

Report from July Team of 21 People:
  C-Can before C-Can
Some of the team used their artistic abilities to paint one of our NEW HOH duplexes, training centres as well as the C-Can (pictured above) that was shipped over with supplies.  This C- Can is being set up to be used for the "Home of Hope Market" in Jabana. What a transformation! It looks amazing now.

There was also a dentist that went to Rwanda with the team. While he was there he worked with our Rwandan medical professionals, Jovia and Hilda, on over 160 people in our 4 areas over only a few days!

He spent a lot of time pulling teeth because they were decayed to the point of being non-restorable. Most of the people do not own a toothbrush or know anything about oral hygiene. In regards to the amount of work needing to be done from a dental perspective, Dr. Tim says:
"It feels like I am trying to extinguish a forest fire with a water pistol."

Aaron, who was on the July team started sponsoring a boy named Jean Pierre
while he was there. Aaron says:
"I am very pleased to be able to help
Jean-Pierre have a better chance at life!"

To see a short slideshow of more pictures from the team, click here.

Now it's YOUR TURN!
YOU are invited
to join a team with Home of Hope. It's not just medical professionals, builders, pastors, and business people who can make a difference - YOU can, too!   Interested? Click here.

We have recently updated and condensed our promotional video!

Watch this SHORT video and share it with your friends, family, and coworkers!
Clarisse is one of our many HOH sponsored children. She is a 12 year old girl who dreams of being a nurse. Since she was very young, she has had an artificial leg and uses a cane to walk. She would love to be able to play soccer with her friends, but she finds it extremely difficult.
A few months ago, Clarisse's parents had to get a new prosthetic leg for her because she had grown out of the old one.

Clarisse's sponsor generously donated the money needed to pay for the new leg, which was such a blessing to this needy family.


Have you seen our NEW T-SHIRTS?

We have shirts for sale that have a unique design on the front and our website on the back.  There are a variety of sizes, colors and styles available.  You can order your t-shirts online here, or by calling 403-343-6570 ext 3. 

Many people ask us what our present needs are.  Here are a few:

Rwanda - sponsorship for Pastor Emmanuel
Emmanuel is one of our key Home of Hope leaders and is currently helping our Buhoro (Gitarama) project.  He is overseeing the starting of the new church, and the building projects.  His former sponsor had to stop sponsorship because of the economy and we need new sponsors.  $25, $50, $100 a month would be a blessing. Emmanuel has been on our team for 3 years and has proven faithful.  He helped start and oversee the Jabana project and has moved over to help this new project.
Other present needs for HOH Rwanda

A full-time English teacher is needed to teach the staff, their children, and the boys. This is very important for communication with all team members and future job opportunities.  Estimated cost - $200CAD/month.
We also still need sponsorship for some the care-givers in India.

Other present needs for HOH India

Kenya - wanting to buy land
In our Kenya project, we currently do not have a church building and renting is very unpredictable. We are wanting to purchase some land where we can set up a tent or build a church.  We have also received pictures of desperate children who needs sponsorship as HOH as begun in Nairobi.

Or go directly to our Online Sponsorship Forms:  Rwanda  India  Kenya
Have a GREAT summer!
Home of Hope Administrator