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New sponsors are signing up every week!  We are now sponsoring more than 450 children each month. Thank you! Your support is what makes these projects possible.

To see other children who need sponsors, click on a country: Rwanda, India, Kenya.
Story from Tyler Juell
Tyler, who was on the April team, tells this story:

"There was a girl who was wearing what I would describe as a dirty dish rag. It was stained brown and had holes all over it. I saw her and I was not going to put up with this! Not a chance! I picked her up and held her. The next day we gave her a new t-shirt, jean shorts and a wonderful, white, fluffy teddy bear."

"You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy" - Psalm 30:11 (NLT)

Our newest location in Buhoro, Rwanda, is growing quickly. Doreen, pictured here, is the lady that oversees the feeding program which is currently giving food to more than 75 children each week! She is doing a great job! For approximately $1 you can provide a child with a heaping plate of beans and rice. To give toward the feeding program, or if you would like to sponsor Doreen, click here.

In Buhoro, school fees are extremely reasonable because it's a rural area. For only $15 you can pay for a child's schooling for the entire school year! If you're interested in paying for a child's school fees, click here.
Our Kenya location has so many children with desperate needs. Here are a few of the children who need sponsorship. For more children in Kenya needing sponsorship, click here.

Naomi (far left) and Rhodha (left) are 5 year-old twins who live with their very old grandmother who is unable to properly care for them. Their father died before they were born and their mother died about a year after they were born.

Sharon (right) is 4 years old. Her mother was pregnant at age 15. She died during child birth. Sharon is now taken care of by her grandmother Claris who has been a widow since 1997. Sharon is in great need of basic needs, food, clothes, medication, shelter and education.

Your sponsorship of $40 a month could provide food, water, clothing, medical care, Christian mentoring and schooling for one of these children.
These sandals were purchased by a Canadian donor. Thank you!

The boys also have new mattresses and they LOVE them! Previously, they were sleeping on the hard floor.
More mattresses are needed for the rest of the boys.  Want to give towards a mattress? Click here.

We now have t-shirts! There are various colors and designs, each with the website on the back. You can purchase yours for $30, however if you pre-order before June 25, your cost will be only $25 (plus applicable shipping charges)!!
These are some pictures of just some of the designs and colors that are available. For more information on sizes, styles, and colors, or to pre-order yours today, email or call Melissa 403-343-6570 ext 519.


Upcoming Team
There is a team of 21 people, including a dentist and his family, heading to Rwanda at the beginning of July! They will be helping in each of our 4 Rwandan locations as well as visiting our newest project in Kenya.

If you are interested in joining a team to Rwanda, Kenya, or India, click here or call Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 519.
Present Needs
Many people ask us what our present needs are.  Here are a few:

Rwanda - sponsorship for Pastor Emmanuel
Emmanuel is one of our key Home of Hope leaders and is currently helping our Buhoro (Gitarama) project.  He is overseeing the starting of the new church, and the building projects.  His former sponsor has cancelled and we need new sponsors.  $25, $50, $100 a month would be a blessing. Emmanuel has been on our team for 3 years and has proven faithful.  He helped start and oversee the Jabana project and has moved over to help this new project.
Click here to see other present needs for HOH Rwanda.

India - school uniforms
The cost per child is $15 CAD for school, which includes their uniform and books. This is a picture of some of the boys in their school uniforms, however there are some new boys at the Home of Hope in India who do not have their school fee
Click here to see other present needs for HOH India.

Kenya - wanting to buy land
In our Kenya project, we currently do not have a church building. We are wanting to purchase some land where we can build a church.

Or go directly to our Online Sponsorship Forms:  Rwanda  India  Kenya
Hope you have a great week!
Home of Hope Administrator