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Thank you for partnering with Home of Hope so that we are able to help children like this:

Jacqueline is almost 8 years old. Her parents have both died and she has no relatives to live with. A family in Cyuru area allowed her to live with them, but they beat her and at meal time said "go out and eat with the cows!"  We immediately brought her to the church and she ate a big meal with many other children at our feeding program in Cyuru. We gave her some gifts and prayed with her. One of the team members decided they would sponsor her.
Jacqueline is now living with Leocadie, a child care worker with Home of Hope in Cyuru. Leocadie and Jacqueline and other desperate children will be moving into this NEW Home of Hope duplex in Cyuru on June 1st!

"Visiting and helping desperate children was the highlight of my trip." HOH Director Brian Thomson

To read a TOUCHING STORY of three desperate children, click here.

April 2010 Team PhotoThe team of 11 people who were just in Rwanda helped dedicate the NEW Home in Gatsata which will soon house four desperate children.  Yvonne is the Care-Giver of these children.

To see a short slide show of all the great things Home of Hope is doing in 5 locations in Rwanda and our newest project in Nairobi, click here.
Canadians in Rwanda

Brent and Joy Hummel, a father and daughter who went to Rwanda with the April team, are still in Rwanda. They have extended their stay until June 4th so that they can help and oversee the progress in our projects. Joy has been doing a lot of work in Gatsata and Cyuru with new sponsor children. Brent has been instrumental in overseeing the completion of the duplex, building the walls of the Church in Cyuru and starting to build our new church in Buhoro, close to Gitarama.

Medical Project in Rwanda
Jovia - nurseJenn - nurseNurse Jovia and Jenn Grant (Ontario) worked daily during the April team on our new medical ministry.  We are believing for more finances to expand to another area 1 day a week.

More medical professionals are going to Rwanda, including a dentist in July and a doctor in August.  Any medical professionals are welcome to apply to join these and other coming teams!


Pastor Ray -  Feeding  Program

In Buhoro/Gitarama, our newest location,
we have 200 people attending church on a weekly basis and are feeding 100 kids each week at the feeding program. This little boy came who was completely blind and God God healed him 100%!

Feeding Program - Buhoro

Update: We have purchased land in this area and are now beginning to build a church!
Upcoming Team
Justin and childYou don't need have to have special gifts to be a blessing in Africa!  Here is a great picture of Justin (Didsbury,AB) hugging a child. It's easy to give a hug and change a life!

The next team going to Africa will be from July 5-19. They will be helping our 4 projects in Rwanda and some will be visiting our newest project in Kenya.  To find out more about HOH Kenya - click here.

Interested in joining a team to HOH Rwanda, India, or Kenya? click here or call Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 519.

Click below to see specific needs that you can give towards in our Home of Hope locations.

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Or go to our Online Sponsorship Forms:  Rwanda  India  Kenya


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