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So much is happening in each of our four locations in Rwanda. Here are some details about the team that is presently there and the work they've been doing.
April Team NOW in Rwanda
A team of eleven people are currently in Rwanda. They have been visiting all four of our locations, seeing people give their lives to Jesus, handing out gifts to children, and so much more!

Patrick, one of our sponsored children, received a special package that his sponsor sent over with the team. As you can see, he was very excited to receive a simple tennis ball, other gifts and pictures.

Here are a couple of great pictures of the care-givers in Jabana receiving scarves that have been hand made in India. Brian brought them back from his visit to Home of Hope India in February this year. The widows were thrilled and very thankful!

Earlier this year, we renovated the buildings on the HOH property in Gatsata. These buildings include a large home for 8 orphans and a care worker, church office buildings, as well as a medical storage building. Many people came as the team prayed over and dedicated the buildings.

Director Brian Thomson has chosen Yvonne (right) to be the care-giver to move into the home on the Gatsata property. She is 25 years old and is looking forward to being a part of Home of Hope.  She is moving in this week! The mayor is thrilled that the home is ready and is connecting the team with some desperate children - one of which is a two year old child who has been severely neglected by its mother.
If you are interested in sponsoring Yvonne, or any of the 8 children who will be moving into the Gatsata Home, click here or call Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 519.

We are VERY thankful for the many generous people who have helped towards the building projects.
Below are pictures of some of the plaques that are being placed on the walls of the completed buildings.

Long Term Effects of the Genocide


Each year, at the beginning of April, Rwandans take one week to remember the brutal genocide that took the lives of many of their neighbors, friends and family members.

Recently, Christine, a member of our Gatsata WOL church, revisited the horror and devastation that came with losing all of her family in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.  More than fifteen years after the genocide, a prisoner testified to killing her parents and brother and identified where the bodies were. With the help of some people from the church, she dug up the bones from the pits in which they were buried, cleaned the bones and gave them a proper funeral.  Please pray for Christine and many others like her who are still confronted with the overwhelming destruction of the Genocide.

Upcoming Team:
The next team going to Africa will be from July 5-19. They will be helping our 4 projects in Rwanda and some will be visiting our newest project in Kenya.  To find out more about HOH Kenya - CLICK HERE.

Interested in joining a team to HOH Rwanda, HOH India, or HOH Kenya? CLICK HERE or call Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 519.

Click below to see specific needs that you can give towards in our Home of Hope locations.

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