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Brian Thomson
Home of Hope Director
Brian Thomson

Brian Thomson is the Director of Home of Hope International since September 2006.
He will be leading a team back to Rwanda in April.
He is a traveling minister based out of Word of Life Centre in Red Deer and travels the world speaking in churches, conferences and retreats.  Everywhere he goes, he tells people about Home of Hope and how they can get involved.



My name is Karissa and I really enjoy being the administrator of
Home of Hope.  Every month we see all of our projects expanding!

Here is a report on Rwanda.  You can click on the pictures to see them enlarged.
There will be another report sent out later this week about HOH India.

Non-Stop Teams!
We have had non-stop teams to Rwanda since December 17, 2009.

After Dan and Ev Peters were in Rwanda over Christmas, two young men from Ontario went for January and February to help mainly in our fourth HOH Rwanda location-Gitarama.  Here are a few of their highlights:

AndrewAndrew - "This trip has really touched my heart.  One thing that really impacted me was when we handed out toothbrushes and dental floss because the children
have no idea
Feeding Program
what a toothbrush is or how to use it!
  The children were in desperate need and it excites me to know that we helped create a weekly feeding program that will continue to change lives even after we're gone."

Christmas Gifts - girl

Evan - "
This trip showed me that we all have power to help others, and to change lives for the better. There are many people in need. Change won't happen until we decide to do something about it. I'm now confident in saying that I know what I have to do in life. Life isn't about ourselves, it's about others.

Andrew on the roofHere is a picture of Andrew installing solar panels.  Evan and Andrew did a lot of electrical work in the newest home for desperate children.

Gatsata Property - Outside
This home is now completely renovated thanks to generous sponsors!
Dan Peters is going back over this month to meet with the local mayor to find and place desperate children to move into our Home of Hope Gatsata. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these 8 children, the care-giver, or the extra money needed monthly to run the home, click here, reply to this email, or call Melissa at 403-343-6570 ext 519.

January Teams
Peter, Shane & Gloria (Red Deer) were in Rwanda for two weeks in January.  They had a great trip!

Gloria taught some ladies how to sew clothing, purses,
curtains, and more in our micro-loan projects.

Shane helped the Gatsata project by overseeing the renovations of the HOH property.  Here is just one of is one of the buildings on the new property.
                                 What a transformation!

HOH Home (Before)
HOH Home (After)

"In a society where most people live in mud houses, this property in Gatsata is modern, bright, cheery, and high quality for the area!"
- Shane & Gloria

They also helped purchase furniture for the new Home of Hope House!HOH Home - TableHOH Home - Beds

Shane, Peter, Andrew, Packos, Pastor Greg
Solar Panels
Here is a great picture of the some of the team holding up some solar panels that Peter (second from the left), an electrical engineer, supervised the installation of
in the Gatsata buildings.

Pastor Greg (right) from Ontario, was in Rwanda for 2 weeks and was training staff in all locations, held special meetings in Gitarama and conducted a leaders training day.

Upcoming Team:
Brian and a team of ten people will be going to Africa from April 13-29.  Brian will be helping our 4 projects in Rwanda and visiting our newest project in Kenya.  To find out more about HOH Kenya - CLICK HERE.

Click below to see specific needs that you can give towards in our Home of Hope locations.

Present needs in Rwanda               Present needs in India                  Present needs in Kenya

Home of Hope Administrator