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First of all, THANK YOU !  Home of Hope couldn't have made such marvelous advancements without sponsors like YOU!  Hundreds of desperate children are being sponsored, homes for orphans and widows are being purchased and built, and playgrounds, education, clean water, medical assistance and financial training are being provided! We couldn't have done it without supporters like you!  Thank you for making 2009 SO successful!

Light up the eyes of a child this Christmas! Here's how:

Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts - girl
It is not too late to send money for a Christmas gift to someone special in Rwanda!

Call 403-343-6570 ext 519, or give online HERE.

Christmas - IndiaIndia
All Christmas donations given towards HOH India will be used to buy things for all boys (ie: sports equipment, rain coats, educational items and things listed in our present needs).

To give towards HOH India's Christmas, call 403-343-6570 ext 519, or give online HERE.
NEW! Kenya:

Find out more about Home of Hope's newest project in Kenya HERE.

MargaretFeature Child: (click on picture to see enlarged)
Margaret was born in 1996 to a single mother in Mombasa City, Kenya.  When she was just 2 years old her mother abandoned her and has not been seen since.  The only person left to take care of her was her elderly grandmother, who became very ill and asked Pastors Daniel and Diana Bushebi, of Word of Life Nairobi, to adopt Margaret and take her under their care. For the past 4 years she has been living with them and will be in grade 8 in January.  She works very hard and is excelling in her studies. 
Education is one of the best ways a child in a desperate situation can have hope for a brighter future.
For Margaret to continue going to school, she will require $50/month to pay for tuition, exam registration, uniform, books, etc.

November Team Report:
The team of seven, led by Pastor Ed Furst, just got home from Rwanda.  They had a great time!
One of their objectives, led by Lewis, was to do renovations on the new Gatsata Property.  You can see some GREAT pictures HERE (go to Gatsata, then Gatsata House).
Gatsata House
Now, we are raising support to purchase furniture and house supplies for this new property.
We are also getting 8 orphans (with the help of the local mayor) and a Caregiver to move into this home.
Olivia Helping ChildIf you would like to sponsor any part of this project, please click here.

Another objective that this team had, was to start the Medical Project.  Olivia, who is a registered nurse, helped many children in need of medical assistance and also found a nurse in Rwanda who can do home visits based out of the Medical Facility on the Gatsata Property.

Present Needs:
To give a year end contribution to
some of HOH Rwanda's "Present Needs", click here.


The Word of Life church now has an average of 100 members and they are doing great community work.  For example, a house in the area was wrecked in a storm, so Pastor Andrew gave them the equivalant of $60 to help them rebuild!

Also, the sports field on property has grass now!
Soon, a bike trail will be added.
Back Area


Present Needs:
To give a year end contribution to
some of HOH India's "Present Needs",
click here

The children's Caregivers are HARD WORKING people
who do a great job!
Would you consider sponsoring a Caregiver
for $20, $50, or $100 a month?


Questions?  Comments?  Email us!

~Thanks again for your support of Home of Hope!~