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Most children in Rwanda and India have almost no possessions or toys. Light up the eyes of a child this Christmas!
Here's how:

Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts - girl
- If you want to give $25 to buy a child or care-giver in Rwanda a Christmas gift, please reply to this email.
Water Treatment
- Also, through the Emmanuel Foundation, you now have the opportunity to purchase a "Water Purification Unit" for a family in Rwanda!  One unit ($85) can be placed in the home of a sponsored child or widow.

Christmas - IndiaIndia
Gifts for individual boys is difficult in this orphanage setting. Christmas donations can be given to buy things for all boys (ie: sports equipment, rain coats, educational items and things listed in our present needs.)

For more information, please email us or call 403-343-6570 ext 519.
Kenya:Nairobi SlumDaniel Bushebi
We are starting a new Home of Hope project in Nairobi, Kenya!  Daniel Bushebi, a long-term friend with HOH Director Brian Thomson, has agreed to join our team.
We are now raising support to launch this project - to start a church and to support desperate children.

Give towards the launch of this project today (click here)!
                                                 For more information, email us!

Helping People in Need:
Josiane's FamilyThis is Josiane. She is a widow with four children. She has HIV/AIDS. and is presently in the hospital.  Her house is crumbling more with each rainfall.

** Click on pictures to see enlarged **

Josiane's HouseThis family is now being sponsored through HOH.  They are getting help for their housing situation, eating good food, and going to school.


You can now sponsor a Child Care-Giver
any amount per month!
Click here to support these hard-working individuals
who are caring for 22+ kids each.


Present Needs:
The needs of hundreds of orphans and Karissa & Ericdesperate children, over 30 staff, and hundreds of people traveling in teams to Rwanda requires a substantial amount of administration. One of the areas that you can make a vital difference in, is by contributing to the administrative costs of our Canadian staff who make this project possible. Another way is through your contribution to the significant costs incurred by our staff when traveling to and from Rwanda.

To see more "Present Needs", click here.
Teams to Rwanda - JOIN ONE!:
Don't put off joining a mission team any longer! 

The November team arrived safely into Kigali!  This team is focusing on building, renovating and starting medical help in the Gatsata area.  On the way home, they will be spending time in Nairobi, in preparation for launching Home of Hope Kenya.Brian & Peter

Peter (left) will be leading a team to Rwanda January 2010, and Brian (right) will be leading a team April 2010.

Dedicated Boys:
3 Boys Watering TreesEvery morning at 5am, all the boys living at Home of Hope India have devotions and then do their daily chores.  Here is a great picture of 3 boys watering the beautiful lawn and gardens of the Boys Home of Hope where fruit trees and vegetables are grown.

ToothbrushesWhen HOH Director Brian Thomson, was there in September, he found that the boys were using their fingers to brush their teeth.
Here is a picture of some of the boys holding up their new toothbrushes.



Present Needs:
Renovations - India
On the website, there is a list of things the "Boys Home of Hope" is in need of, such as raincoats, renovations, vehicles, office equipment, computer, etc.
See the entire list HERE

Want To Go To India??

Brian & Jacob

Brian Thomson is leading another team to India THIS FEBRUARY!  It is not too late to join this team!
Apply NOW!


A generous man devises generous things, and by generosity he will stand.  ~Isa 32:8

Thank you for your support of Home of Hope!  We sure appreciate you!