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Thank you for your support of Home of Hope!  We are excited about the many things that are happening!

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Teams That Are Changing Lives:
Teams are preparing to go to Rwanda in November, December, January, February, April, and July.
Teams will be strengthening all 4 HOH locations in Rwanda, conducting childrens meetings, youth meetings, a crusade into a new area of Rwanda where there are more desperate children, teaching, building team, medical professions, electricians, financial training, visiting orphans and so much more.
Pastor EdThe next team going to Rwanda is November 10-26, led by Pastor Ed (Olds, AB).

Brian & PeterPeter (left) will be leading a team to Rwanda January 2010, and Brian (right) will be leading a team April 2010.

Sponsor a child today!
Here are three siblings who are needing sponsorship:
 Marie-Claire          Eric            Josiane
Marie ClaireEricJosiane
The father of these children died of AIDS, and their mother has AIDS and is very sick.

Would you like to sponsor a Care-Giver in Rwanda?
CecileFeaturing: Cecille
Cecille lost her husband in the Genocide and has been helping HOH children for over 2 years now.  She needs another $60/month to complete her monthly sponsorship. Would you like to help?
Click here.
Present Needs:
Gatsata HouseWe have just purchased a new home for orphans and a care-giver in the area of Gatsata.  $12,000 is still needed to finalize the purchase and renovate this property.
On this property, a medical storage room will be set up in a separate building as a base for a medical professional can do home visits.
Tire Tube
The playground in Jabana is loved by all the children in the area!  But, we still need finances to pay off the installation costs, paint and sand.  Please click here to donate ANY amount towards this project.

Click here to see a list of other present needs.

**Donations are tax deductible in both Canada and the USA.

New Project:
Gitarama Crusade Home of Hope is helping 4 different areas of Rwanda, and we are now going to GITARAMA to start a Church that can care for children with desperate needs. Click here to see two short videos of the crusade led by the August team.  If you would like to help this new project, let us know!



Brian & DanielHere is a picture of Director Brian Thomson with Daniel, the young man featured on the cover of the HOH India flyer.  
Brian is planning on going back to India with a team February 1-16, and Dan Peters is going back July 27-August 11.

Big HouseThere is a new house for team members to stay in right at the Home of Hope.  Teams can be a blessing in SO MANY ways.
Sign up to go to India HERE.

Dan Giving Bible AwayHere is Dan Peters, a real estate agent, who visited the Home of Hope.  He is giving out a New Bible to one of the boys.  Dan will be going to HOH Rwanda in December and back to HOH Gifts - ClothesIndia summer 2010.

George & Lynn from Edmonton sent over 2 suitcases full of new clothes for all the boys.  All the boys were so excited!!

PeterPeter has lived at Home of Hope for 20 years since he was a young boy.  He is now one of the staff members who help care for the boys every day. Would you consider sponsoring him $20, $50 or $100 a month?
Click here to see some other care-givers and for more information.
Present Needs:

Click here to see a list of things the "Boys Home of Hope"
is in need of, such as raincoats, renovations, an auto rickshaw, van, office equipment, computer, etc.
See the entire list here

**Donations are tax deductible
in both Canada and the USA.


Christmas TreeChristmas Gifts:

Rwanda - Do you want to give $25 (suggested) to buy a child or care-giver in Rwanda new clothes for Christmas?

- Gifts for individual boys is difficult in this orphanage setting. Christmas donations can be given to buy things for all boys (ie: bikes, sports equipment, rain coats, educational items and things listed in our present needs.)
Water Treatment

Also, you now have the opportunity to purchase a "Water Purification Unit" for a family in Rwanda!  One unit, $85, can be placed in the home of a sponsored child or widow.

Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we VISIT orphans and widows in their troubles
and refuse to let the world corrupt us. - James 1:27

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