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  Home of Hope is now officially in both Rwanda AND India!

  Keep reading for some exciting reports!


Another Team Home Safe:
August Team PictureThe team of 10 were in Rwanda, and they all arrived home safely.  All of them LOVED RWANDA!
Thank you to everyone who was praying!  The team had fantastic success conducting youth conferences, crusades, feeding programs, interviewing kids for new sponsorship, preaching/teaching, and much more!  To see a few really great pictures from the team, click here.
DinaWould you like to sponsor a Care-Giver in Rwanda?  Dina lost her husband in the Genocide and has been helping HOH children for over 2 years now.  Would you consider giving $20, $50 or $100 towards her salary?  Any amount is appreciated!

Present Needs:
Inside Gatsata HallThe Gatsata Training Center is busy everyday with meetings, seminars, and prayer.  There is still some money owing on this building.
Tire Tube FunThe playground in Jabana is loved by all the children in the area.  We still need finances to pay off the installation costs.

New Project:
Gitarama Crusade Home of Hope is helping 4 different areas of Rwanda, and we are now going to GITARAMA to start a Church that can care for children with desperate needs.  Click here to see two short videos of the crusade led by the August team.  If you would like to help this new project, let us know!
Join a Team!
Pastor Ed - November TeamThe next team going to Rwanda is in November.  This team will be led by Pastor Ed (Olds, AB).
There are many teams planned for 2010.  Check them out here!

Brian Thomson is Gone Again!
Indian SlumsAugust 31, Brian Thomson (Director of Home of Hope) and Dan Peters left for a mission trip to Turkey and India.
As of September 1, full ownership of HOH India has been given to Word of Life Centre and all 60 boys are now totally our responsibility.
Brian and Dan will be visiting the Boys Home of Hope, seeing the slums, meeting with officials, establishing new leaders and training the staff.
 All 60 boys are being sponsored! THANK YOU!!!

JulieThe need right now is for the staff to be sponsored.  Would you consider sponsoring $20, $50 $100 a month to help these hard-working people?  Click here to see some of the staff and for more information.


Join a Team!
Christy with boyThe next team going to India is in  February 2010.  Want to join the team?

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Stay tuned for the report from Brian's trip to India!  There will be lots of exciting news, pictures and stories!

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