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July 2009
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The ReloSpec Newsletter is published monthly to inform and educate users of the Relocation Specialist software. 
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Forward Web Leads Directly To ReloSpec!
     For many months ReloSpec has been helping customers forward their web leads directly to ReloSpec.  Leads from their website's pages get "posted" (inserted) automatically into the ReloSpec Import table.  And, recently the process has become much easier.
     To have your web leads go automatically into ReloSpec, we furnish the few lines of code which your web professional adds to your current page(s).  There is no charge for us to provide the code for your page(s).  There is a charge ($140/hour) to "map" the fields on your page to the corresponding fields in ReloSpec.  Typically the process takes 2-4 hours to complete. 
     Once the process is completed, in addition to whatever your page does now, it will also automatically feed the page result to ReloSpec.  From there you can move the record(s) to your Referrals table, assign tasks using the Action Plan page and work the lead as needed.  Web leads typically have their own 'Referral Type' and ReloSpec reports can easily differentiate between relocation leads and web leads
     For more information, contact Jim Evans (
Are You Using LendingTree, Profit Power or BIRDVIEW?
     For those of you who are using LendingTree, Profit Power or BIRDIVEW, did you know you could move data between ReloSpec and the other service at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE?  ReloSpec customers who want their LendingTree leads to be imported automatically need only make the request to their LendingTree representative or to ReloSpec and the service is provided at no charge.
   For those using Profit Power, we provide a way to automatically post closing data and other details directly to Profit Power; at no charge.
   ReloSpec customers using BIRDVIEW to write their website pages may have their web leads posted directly to ReloSpec with the added advantage that leads are synchronized between the two databases.  Updates such as Referral Status on the ReloSpec side are updated automatically on the BIRDVIEW side and vice versa.  This service is also provided at no additional charge.
   For more information, contact Jim Evans (
Task forces being formed now!
Cartus Reports Task Force     
     Is Reporting Stressing You Out?!  If your immediate answer is 'YES!' you are not alone. Though many "S.O.S" conversations with various Cartus Network Brokers and personal struggles to finding the best ReloSpec reports to analyze our incoming business; Jim Evans has agreed to form a ReloSpec Reporting Task Force to discuss, review, identify or design "best" reporting specific to Cartus Business. We know most brokers/managers want one simple report that will be the "catch all" for incoming/outgoing business. While it is quite difficult to create the "perfect" report, the ReloSpec Reporting Task Force will work hard to come up with the top reports that will hopefully satisfy the majority. Once we tackle this challenge, the Task Force can look at specific reporting for other large business sources.
     We are looking for Task Force Team members who have a heart for data gathering, testing and analyzing. If that is you, please contact:
     Lauren Truchsess
     Vice President of Business Development & Relocation Svcs.
     Coldwell Banker Professional, REALTORS®
     B# (757) 457-5520, C# (757) 373-1126  
Prudential Affiliates Task Force
     A group is now being form to identify specific ReloSpec features that would be most helpful to Prudential affiliates.  It is expected that the report(s) created as a result of the Cartus Task Force efforts will be adaptable to non-Cartus companies too.  But, this task force will focus on what more can be done for Prudential affiliates.  Please contact Jim Evans ( if you want to participate.
LeadingRE Members Task Force
     A group is now being form to identify specific ReloSpec features that would be most helpful to Prudential affiliates.  It is expected that the report(s) created as a result of the Cartus Task Force efforts will be adaptable to non-Cartus companies too.  But, this task force will focus on what more can be done for LeadingRE affiliates.  Please contact Jim Evans ( if you want to participate.
Customizing ReloSpec; Going beyond the Referrals table
     Now that you have invested in the ReloSpec software, are you ready to use those great software features to your advantage?   Do you have forms to upload, 'Body of Letter' entries to build, and Action Plans to create?  Want some help with that?
     The ReloSpec Team now offers a service to help you take advantage of some of the great time-saving features.  This service provides:
   A. INTERVIEW: to identify what is needed most.  What forms/attachments do you want to send with emails, what 'Body of Letter' inserts are needed and what Action Plans need to be built?
   B. CREATE: We upload the forms/attachments, build the 'Body of Letter' and create the Action Plans.
   C. TRAIN: We train you (and your staff) on the custom features.
   We charge $100/hour with a two-hour minimum.  (We're expecting most custom set-ups will take 2-4 hours total.)

New Features / Enhancements
Referrals List Page Checks for Errors     
     The Referrals List page has new safeguards installed that help prevent errors and loss of entries. This new feature checks all non-text fields (ie. Dates, Numbers, etc) for entries that may cause an error and using a pop-up message, allows the user to know which field has the problem and allows you to correct it before saving the record.
You Don't Have To Fill-in the New 'From:' Field
     Last month we introduced the 'BC:', 'BCC:' and 'From:' fields in the Action Plan Items and the ToDo page.  What we didn't explain was that none of the new fields needs to have anything entered in them, including the 'From:' field.  If you leave that field blank, ReloSpec will assume the email is coming from the person entering the item and will send the email as before.
Agent Change Prompts 'Delete AutoPilots' Pop-up
     Now when you make a change with the Assigned Agent name, ReloSpec will pop-up a page asking if you want to delete the AutoPilots that are scheduled but not sent.  This will allow you to quickly remove the Update Requests you may have scheduled for the previous agent.
Auto-Size Makes Pages More 'Friendly'
     Numerous pages such as the Notes, ToDo and others now will automatically re-size themselves to accommodate the screen size of the PC.  For example when you open the Notes page you'll notice that the page will so that, as much as possible, you won't need to manually re-size the page or use the scroll bars to be able to read the full page. 
Tips & Tricks
Add Pictures to the Body of Letter
     One of the advantages of having the ReloSpec Images Option is the ability to add pictures into the Body of Letter used in FORMS.  After purchasing the Images option, do the following:
     1.  Create a record with the Client First/Last Name something like "Images Upload" in the Referrals table that will be used to hold the images needed.
     2.  After selecting that Referral record,  click the Images link on the left side of the page.  The Images page opens.
     3.  Upload the image(s) you want to use and close page.
     4.  Click the FORMS link on the left side of the page.  The Forms page opens.
     5.  Click the 'Lookup the Body of Letter' link.  The Body of Letter page opens.
     6.  Click ADD NEW RECORD.  For the 'Description' enter the description you want to use.  For the 'Text' PASTE the HTML code you copied from the MS Word document or whatever other source you are using.
     7.  There will be a source statement which contains "src=".  Search or browse to the statement and replace it with
     8.  Click ADD NEW RECORD and use the updated Body of Letter with whatever ReloSpec form that uses the Body of Letter.
Download 'Brokers Using ReloSpec'
     You can now download the "Brokers using ReloSpec" information into Excel.  Just press the download button on the top of the screen and it will download your file as an excel spreadsheet.  This should serve as a reminder to all to UPDATE YOUR ENTRY(IES) in this table.  This table is NOT maintained by ReloSpec.  It is your responsibility to add/update records for your company in this popular table.
Change the Sort Order for ReloSpec Reports
     On any of the ReloSpec tables you can change the sort by pressing the underlined heading at the top of the table.  This table will now be sorted by that field. (note - this format only lasts until until the session is over or until you press reload)
Training & Seminars
There are two great sources for ReloSpec 'Web Seminars' and 'Video Training'.  From the ReloSpec Main Menu page, click the link 'Live Web Seminars' to view the latest list of 30-minute Web Seminars which are conducted twice each week.
Click the 'Training Videos' link for the latest list of short training videos available on a wide variety of topics.  The videos may be accessed at any time 24/7.  Clicking the video link will open/run the selected video on my PC.
The 'Web Seminars' and 'Training Videos' are always available at no charge.
The Relocation Specialist Team
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