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April 2009
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The ReloSpec Newsletter is published monthly to inform and educate users of the Relocation Specialist software. 
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eGrabber licenses ON SALE while supplies last! 
     For those needing an eGrabber Standard 2.5 license, you may now buy one for just $99.  This license will work on all XP computers.  If you don't already have eGrabber in your office you will also need to purchase the eGrabber Import Utility Page, which is also on sale for $199.  (Regular price for the eGrabber license is $300 and it is $250 for the Import Utility page.)  The sale prices are in effect while supplies last.
Yearly ReloSpec Checkups have begun 
     Over the next few months ReloSpec will be conducting our annual checkups.  An email will be sent requesting a point-of-contact for the checkup.  You'll be asked to provide the name and email address for the primary contact.  We will then schedule a 15-minute call to review your ReloSpec installation.
     During this review we will examine the use of the software and make suggestions to help you use it more efficiently.  We will also point out any new ReloSpec features.
     This is a free service.
Coming Soon: Agent Access Option
     By May 1, 2009 we expect to make available the Agent Access Option.  This will allow the agent Read Only access to records assigned to the agent along with the ability to submit new records, provide updates on selected records and run reports on their records. 
     This new option is not meant to be a replacement for contact management software the agent may be using but rather provides a convenient way for the agent to review all assigned records with the ability to quickly provide updates and run reports.  Expected cost per agent is between $50/year/agent to $100/year/agent depending on the total agent IDs/Passwords per ReloSpec database.
New Features / Enhancements
Brokers Using ReloSpec Page is Updated
     A New "Network" field has been added to the "Brokers Using ReloSpec File" located on the Utility Settings page.  This file is a customer-maintained file listing all of ReloSpec customers and their contact information.  We have now added a field that will include "Network Affiliation" which you may use to identify the group to which you belong. 
      We urge you to check your Company's record and make any additions and/or corrections along with adding the proper Network Affiliation.  This field has to be entered manually by you, the user.  The team at ReloSpec DOES NOT maintain this page.  You are responsible for entering your company information if you want it there.
SEND Page Has Link to 'Brokers Using ReloSpec'
     When you have an Outgoing record that is being sent to another broker using ReloSpec you can use the SEND button to insert the record directly into the other broker's Import table.  In order to SEND it you must know the Database ID of the receiving database.  Now you can click the link on the page and lookup the ID if you don't already know it.
Number of Responses Now Displayed
     The total number of responses received in the Responses page is now displayed in the white 'Status' box on the Referrals List page.  Now, with a quick glance you'll know whether or not responses have been received and how many.  The number of responses received is for the person logged in and does not reflect the total number of responses for all ReloSpec users.  The number of responses is updated each time you add, update or refresh (reload) the Referrals List page.
Tips & Tricks
Want a ReloSpec Icon on your Desktop?
   To put a ReloSpec icon on your desktop which will automatically open ReloSpec when clicking on it, log into ReloSpec and from the main menu page go to your explorer toolbar at the top of the web page and select "File" then scroll down to "Send" and select "Shortcut to Desktop".
Updating Your Contacts and Agent Pages.
   If you need to change the address, phone number or email address in a Contact or Agents file, you can globally update all referrals and ToDo items in a few easy steps.  First, make the desired changes in the page (Contact or Agent) and update the record.  Next, once the record is updated, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "refresh" for that agent or contact.  All matching Contact or Agent fields in the Referrals table will be updated with the new information.
Making Changes in the Users table
   "We have a change with an employee using ReloSpec.  What steps should we take?"
   When you delete a user record from the Users table, the ID/PW will also automatically be removed from the Login table and that person will no longer be able to login.  Also, when the ID/PW is changed in the Users table, the ID/PW will automatically be updated in the Login table and will take effect immediately. 
   When a new record is entered into the Users table it is also entered into the Login table but is not enabled until a member of the ReloSpec team enables it.

Reassigning the MgrConsultant and/or ToDo Items to New User
  You may the Search/Replace feature to easily reassign all records from one MgrConsultant to another, or reassign the 'Who' field in the ToDo items.  To make the change do the following:
   1)  From the Main Menu page click 'Utility Settings'
   2)  Click the link 'Referrals Table Search/Replace'
   3)  Type the OLD NAME (the previous USER NAME in the Users table) and the NEW NAME (the USER NAME as found in the Users table) and click "Global Search and replace".
   You may repeat the three steps for 'ToDo List Table Search/Replace'
   Once the changes have been made you can delete the previous User record from the Users table if no longer needed.
Training & Seminars
There are two great sources for ReloSpec 'Web Seminars' and 'Video Training'.  From the ReloSpec Main Menu page, click the link 'Live Web Seminars' to view the latest list of 30-minute Web Seminars which are conducted twice each week.
Click the 'Training Videos' link for the latest list of short training videos available on a wide variety of topics.  The videos may be accessed at any time 24/7.  Clicking the video link will open/run the selected video on my PC.
The 'Web Seminars' and 'Training Videos' are always available at no charge.
The Relocation Specialist Team
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