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March 2009
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The ReloSpec Newsletter is published monthly to inform and educate users of the Relocation Specialist software. 
If you have suggestions for future articles, please let us know.
eGrabber Sale!
You can now buy an eGrabber standard license for $99.  This license will work on all XP computers.  If you don't already have eGrabber in your office, you'll also need the eGrabber Import Utility Page which is on sale this month for $199.
If you are using Egrabber and would like to install it on a second computer or have always wanted egrabber but couldn't afford it, we have great news for you.
For more information contact
Yearly Checkups!
Since the response was so positive last year to the yearly 'ReloSpec Checkups' we are  repeating them again this year.  The purpose of the checkup is to look over your system setup to see if we can spot anything that can cause problems or slow your system.  Then we make suggestions that can help.  We also mention some of the features that are new and explain how to receive training on them and other topics.
You have the option of declining the ReloSpec Checkup if you do not want it.  Because of the vast amount of time it takes to connect with all of our customers, please answer the emails either way.  We will be contacting you soon.
New Features / Enhancements
NEW...ReloSpec Branch Option
The new ReloSpec Branch Option is now avaialble.  This new option allows for workers in a brach of your company to login to ReloSpec but view ONLY the records "assigned" to their branch.  For example, if you have one group dedicated to handling Internet leads and another dedicated to Relocation and you do not want eaither group viewing the records of the other group, you need the Branch option.  It allows all records to be stored in one large ReloSpec database but have a separation of records that may be viewed by any "branch".  ReloSpec users assigned to the "Master" ReloSpec database may view and run reports on all records for all branches.
Pricing for the ReloSpec Branch option is a one-time cost of $400 for each "branch" option, plus $250 for each additional license (ID/Password), if needed.  The annual maintenance for the Branch option is $200.
Let us know if you want more information
Concierge Option is now available
The new ReloSpec Concierge option is now available.  This new option allows you to track requests for Concierge services for clients in the ReloSpec Referrals table. 
For example, let's say a client contacts you and needs a plumbing service.  Using the Concierge option you may select up to 5 suggested vendors to fill the need.  You simply select the vendor(s) and click the 'Send Email' button on the Concierge page.  An email is automatically sent to each of the vendors with the client contact information along with the needs detail.  In addition, an email is sent to the client with a list of the vendors you suggested.  And, a note is added to the Notes table documenting all that was done.
There are also forms and reports associated with the Concierge option that allow you to track what vendors are being selected and the feedback from the client regarding the service.
The introductory cost of the Concierge option is $199 during March 2009 and $249 beginning in April 2009.  To see a demonstration of the Conceirge option click the 'Concierge Option' in the Training Videos page (ReloSpec Main Menu, Training Videos)
Let us know if you want more information

Cartus Forms Are Updated
Five new Cartus Affinity forms are now available for members of the Cartus Broker Network.  These are the new forms announced by Cartus Broker Services recently.  They do not replace the previous forms which are scheduled to be available until the end of March 2009.  All new Cartus forms appear in the ReloSpec FORMS page and begin with "Cartus New Affinity...". 
There is a new Training video that demonstrates the use of the Cartus forms, and is available on the Training Videos page.
Tips & Tricks
Want to open the Tickler page and keep it open throughout the day?  You can open it from the ReloSpec Main Menu page (instead of with the link on the Referrals List page) and it will open and stay open until you manually close it.
Did you know that by pressing one of the three buttons at the top of the referrals page you can change the view of the grid?
Do your Agents complain that they are not getting the forms/Update Requests you are sending from ReloSpec?
The most obvious solution to this issue is that your Agent is working from a PC that has a firewall running on their server.  All servers need to be set to ACCEPT/ALLOW emails from the following address:
Do your Agent's receive your AutoForms but complain that the link does not work when they click on it?
Please have your Agent's set their email to HTML.  If their email is set to "text" only they will not be able to access the forms ReloSpec is sending via the interactive link.
When viewing an email in Outlook you can click the Format button at the top of the page and switch the email to HTML.

Training & Seminars
There are two great sources for ReloSpec 'Web Seminars' and 'Video Training'.  From the ReloSpec Main Menu page, click the link 'Live Web Seminars' to view the latest list of 30-minute Web Seminars which are conducted twice each week.
Click the 'Training Videos' link for the latest list of short training videos available on a wide variety of topics.  The videos may be accessed at any time 24/7.  Clicking the video link will open/run the selected video on my PC.
The 'Web Seminars' and 'Training Videos' are always available at no charge.
The Relocation Specialist Team
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