LCBH Volunteer Newsletter, Winter 2011
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New Volunteers & Interns
Volunteer Spotlight
Help Desk Update
New Attorney: Komal Vaidya
New Volunteers & Interns 


Attorney of the Day Program (AOD)

  • Joe Goldschlack
  • Eunice Lee
  • Sean Mines


  • Elisa Redish

Legal Support

  • Amanda Cornelius
  • Jeanine Mielecki
  • Janet Walker

Supportive Services

  • Becca Barish
  • Cathy Harper
  • Ellie Hart
  • Matt Hiller
  • Scott Houghton
  • Alexis McCann
  • Margaret McGinnis 
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As the weather gets colder, LCBH's work to keep tenants in their apartments is even more important. We could not accomplish the amazing feats for tenants that we do if not for our dedicated volunteers and interns. Here's a quick update about the exciting work LCBH volunteers and interns are doing!
Volunteer Spotlight: Noah Margaram 


Noah graduated from DePaul College of Law in May of 2011 and has been volunteering with LCBH since fall 2011.


In the short time that Noah has been here he has already been able to make a significant impact on the lives of our clients. His work for Bobby and Allison James* is a great example. 


The James family first came to LCBH in September after being served a summons for eviction and $2,800 in back-rent. Bobby is a self-employed barber and Allison runs a child-care center out of their home.


Noah negotiated a settlement requiring the landlord to pay $1,000 to Bobbie and Allison for the security deposit on a new apartment, giving Bobby and Allison a month to move, waiving back-rent, and dismissing the case so that it would not end up on their credit reports.


Thanks to Noah's hard work and diligence, Bobby and Allison will not become homeless, and have enough money to put down a security deposit for their new apartment.


*Not clients' real names

Help Desk Update 


In September, LCBH launched its newest project - the Tenants in Foreclosure Help Desk. Monday through Thursday from 8:45 to 11:00 am, LCBH staff and volunteers man the Help Desk outside of the eviction courtrooms on the 14th Floor of the Daley Center.


The desk provides information on the rights of tenants who live in apartment buildings that have gone into foreclosure, as well as foreclosure counselings, in which LCBH staff and volunteers look up the tenant's building, find out where it is in the foreclosure process, and inform the tenant of his/her rights and obligations.


As of Wednesday November 23rd, the desk has distributed 216 brochures on the rights of tenants in foreclosure, completed 44 individual foreclosure counselings, provided 38 tenants with general eviction information, and referred 86 people to the CARPLS desk on the 6th floor of the Daley Center.

New Fellow Attorney: Komal Vaidya


Meet our newest addition to the LCBH family, Komal Vaidya. Komal graduated from University of Miami School of Law in May 2011. While studying at the University of Miami, Komal co-founded Project No One Leaves Miami (PNOL Miami) to raise awareness among low-income tenants about the Protecting the Tenants at Foreclosure Act, a piece of federal legislation enacted in 2009, which granted substantial rights to tenants living in foreclosed properties. As a new Fellow attorney, Komal currently handles tenants in foreclosure and fair housing cases, and looks forward to advocating on behalf of and empowering tenants in her home-town of Chicago.

Thank you to our volunteers and interns for all your hard work, and thank you to our supporters for your generosity.

Happy Holidays!