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Deborah C Miller, Inc. September 2008
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Better Brainstorming
Process Mapping Gone Horribly Wrong
Business Continuity Planning
Who To Pick For Your Team
Overwhelmed Biz Guy

Better Brainstorming & Meetings
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According to a recent USA TODAY Snapshots® pole, 49% of the responders reported that unfocused meetings make them feel unproductive at work.

Six Thinking Hats, developed by Edward de Bono is a simple, effective process that helps people be more productive, focused, and involved in the decision-making process. This is a fantastic brainstorming tool!

Team members learn how to separate thinking into six valuable functions and roles, identified by a "thinking hat."  Mentally wearing and switching "hats,"  allows for meeting participants to simply and clearly look at all sides of an issue.

To learn how to use the Six Thinking Hats process as a management tool or to stimulate innovation by generating better ideas quickly contact us.


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How To Know When Process Mapping Has Gone Horribly Wrong
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Bad Process MapProcess mapping is a powerful method of looking beyond functional activities and rediscovering your core systems. Enabling you to peel away the complexity of your organizational structure (and internal politics) and focus on  the heart of your business.

If your process mapping experience is not yielding results, or worse yet resembles the image to the right, you can be sure that something has gone "horribly wrong." Take a step back and ask your team a some "tough questions" like these:
  • What are the process boundaries?
  • What here is redundant?
  • What metrics and tools are measuring success in this process?
Need help with process mapping or re-focusing?  Contact Us
Business Continuity Planning
Sorry ClosedPreparing your company to operate nonstop in a crisis is more than just planning for disaster recovery-it's about constructing a resilient enterprise.

In this six-session in-depth course you will learn practical methods for identifying the threats your organization faces, determine their impact, prioritize the risks, and generate a plan to create a cost-effective business recovery strategy. 


It is a hands-on opportunity for you to delve into the actual nuts and bolts of how to devise a comprehensive emergency action plan.  Addressing the full spectrum of crisis issues including:
·    Customers caught with you in the middle of the crisis
·    Employees called to respond in the midst of chaos
·    Assets at risk to damage or destruction
·    Compliance with governing bodies/regulations

Registration includes all 6 sessions, books, materials, lunch and refreshments.
8:30am - 3:30pm
Tuesday's 9/30 - 11/4
Held at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

Click here for details

Cost $699 per person
Register by calling 260-420-7374

Who To Pick for the Team
Assessing Your Corporate Talent
Team of ProfessionalsTo effectively manage human capital, an organization needs to have as much information as possible.  Unfortunately, the employee selection and management process is too often clouded by subjectivity and incomplete information to be as effective as it could be.

Testing applicants and employees can clear the air and provide a variety of benefits including:
  • Comparison between candidates,
  •  Highlight unknown abilities and talents,
  • Benchmark successful performers

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