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"Secret Mountain Fort Awesome"

an all-new Cartoon Network animated series 

Monday August 1st 8:30pm PST   

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Hello Everybody!

What do you get when you have a cartoon about a gang of "monsters"---who, banished below the Earth's surface by humans--- live a wretched existence of dillusionally-grandeurish antics and thwarted shenanigans? "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome"...a new animated series from Cartoon Network  created by animator Pete Browngardt (Chowder)...and helmed by creative director and fellow Long Islander Chris Reccardi .


The show follows the pursuits of five misfit monsters: Festro, their tighty-whitey clad and well-meaning bullying leader; Slog, a big-hearted but slovenly imp who can propel himself with puke, Gweelok, a zit-covered blob who's a super computer dork (and geek); Dingle, their mascot (and the only one with any good ideas) who they unfortunately only listen to as a last resort.... and The Fart... a sophisticated fellow made entirely of butts. With episode titles such as "Stealing the Sun", "Teleporto-Potty", and "Monster Cops", the show is bound to go down in history.


Cartoon Network is premiering a special sneak-peak episode of this all-new animated series (which season premiers in early October) on Monday August 1, 8:30pm.  


According to Chris Reccardi: "...Not to sound biased, but It's the coolest and funniest thing since Ren & Stimpy. It's got awesome humor, crude bodily functions, and ridiculous stories. Don't let your kids watch it."


Thanks for looking and don't forget to tune in Monday August 1st at 8:30pm on Cartoon Network!