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Are You Too Savvy for New Year's Resolutions?

The take-away: While we seem to be trending toward being "too cool" for New Year's Resolutions... I invite you to break away from the pack! This IS a great opportunity to acknowledge the ups/downs, wins/losses of 2010 AND to breathe life into your dreams for 2011 and beyond... with the passion and excitement of someone doing it for the very first time!

Never pass up an opportunity to dream...        


Unconventional Tip #22:

Take it from a Rock-Star!

Dream On... Dream On...
Dream Until Your Dreams Come True

Dream On... Dream On... Dream On
Dream Until Your Dream Comes Through

~ Aerosmith 

It's cool to believe. It's cool to dream.

Happy New Year!

Marlene McCallum

Personal Potential Coach (and Enthusiast!)





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