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August 2012

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Are Your Aging Parents Taking Too Many Pills? 

Physical Activity Slows Dementia   


When Should You Plan for Elder Care   


Boise one of the best cities for Aging in Place   


World's Oldest Backpacker goes on a Walkabout      


Fraud Alert 


Recipe of the Month 

feature1Senior Walkabout  

This 95 year-old Australian man has a two month backpacking trip planned in Europe. He proves you are never to old to eat street food, sleep in hostels and meet the locals.
Oldest backpacker
Oldest backpacker
fraudFraud Alert: Senior Citizens
are a target for  fraud, according to the FBI. Beware of popular scams such as "Rolling Lab" Schemes -unnecessary and sometimes fake tests are given to individuals at health clubs, retirement homes, or shopping malls and billed to insurance companies or Medicare. Read More on how to protect yourself or your aging parent(s).
Brenda's Roasted Summer Vegetables
Roasted Summer Vegetables
 As you may already know, I am an avid gardener, and at this time of year, I am inundated with extra garden veggies. Here is a great use for some of those delicious summer vegetables.  Here's my recipe. 
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Assisting Angels hopes you have the opportunity to take a walk during the cooler hours of August. It isn't too late to enjoy summer luxuries before school starts and the leaves turn radiant.          


We are confident this month's articles will offer valuable information and encouragement.  


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mainAre Your Aging Parents Taking Too Many Pills?
The danger of taking too many pills could stem from something
as simple as multiple doctors prescribing the same drug. Aging adults don't always ask for assistance administering their drugs or insist their MD review all medications during appointments. Over-dosage of duplicate drugs and incompatible prescriptions can also make managing prescriptions more difficult.

Respectfully overseeing medications of an aging adult is the best option, if they are willing. Another tool may be your neighborhood pharmacist who can review the list medications. To find out how to combat this dangerous and  growing problem,  read this article by Forbes.
Article1Physical Activity Slows Dementia  


A University of British Columbia study presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Vancouver, Canada last month showed that women age 70-80 with mild cognitive impairment improved their conflict resolution and memory tests after adding resistance training.  


Another study presented by the University of Pittsburgh reported moderate intensity walking can grow the region of the brain related to memory. To learn more,  read this article. 

Article2When Should You Plan for Elder Care  

Elder Care can be a wise addition to your estate and retirement planning. When you focus on elder care planning, your focus is on living to an advanced age, a time when you are unable to run errands, visit family, or prepare yourself a meal. Smarter Investor on US News Money covers some details to keep in consideration when you plan.  


One option to pay for Elder Care is Long Term Care Insurance. Money Crashers tells why you need it. However, the cost is a drawback for most. Here is a list of pros and cons from MoneyOver55 for more information.  

 Article3Boise Rated One of the Best Cities to Aging in Place


The Milken Institute states that 90% of American want to Age in Place. Using general indicators such as crime rate and weather, as well as financial, education/employment, living arrangements, health care, wellness, transportation/ convenience and community engagement they have rated 100 large metros and 259 small metros.  Find out where Boise placed in the rating.


Brenda Critell, President / CEO
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
A native of Boise, Idaho and a 4th generation Idahoan. Brenda founded Assisting Angels Home Care in 2006.

Skip Critell, Executive Vice President Director of Operations for the Treasure Valley.

Sherry Atwell

Sherry Atwell, Office Administrator

Scheduling Coordinator, Billing and Payroll and Office Manager.

Sonya Harris



Sonya Harris, Client Care Coordinator

Provides quality client care and supervision of direct care services for the Treasure Valley.






Rebekah Calkins, Community Outreach Coordinator

Provides information to the community through outreach and educational presentations. She also conducts in-home assessments and works with staff to begin care for new clients.  

About Assisting Angels Home Care  

Serving the state of Idaho, Assisting Angels Home Care, Inc. has been providing personalized care at home with supporting services since 2006. Assisting Angels uses certified personnel for supervision and monitoring of all direct services, has no minimum requirement for hours for accepting clients, and does not charge separately for travel to and from the job location. All employees are bonded and insured and a complete screening and thorough background checks are performed prior to any person having contact with one of our clients or patients. Assisting Angels provides a wide spectrum of personalized in-home care services, including general homemaker, personal care, and private duty nursing for all ages.  

Visit or call 208.344.7979 (Boise), or 208.733.2550 (Twin Falls) for more information.