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APRIL 2012

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Ancient Exercise Regimen Improves Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease   


A Culture of Acceptance Needed for Employer Programs to Aid Caregivers   


 Could a Skin Cancer Drug Be the Answer to Curing Alzheimer's?  


Grant-a-Wish Groups for the Elderly

Foundations like Twilight Wish and Jeremy Bloom's Wish of a Lifetime are helping seniors achieve lifelong dreams such as revisiting a World War II battlefield or live out wishes they never thought possible; building a wheelchair ramp, riding in a parade, or arranging a family reunion. Financial need is the only requirement for those submitting a wish.

Read more about these uplifting charitable groups in this article from USA Today. 

video1Seniors Sing "Feeling Good" in Elaborate Lip Dub Production   


This video of senior citizens from a retirement community is sure to bring a smile to your face. Community residents lip synch to Michael Buble's version of "Feeling Good" in an elaborate continuous-shot that takes viewers on a tour of the fun side of the golden years.


Spring Time Yard Work Tips to Keep You Healthy!video
Dr. Wimmer gives some simple tips to help keep you healthy while doing Spring yard work.

RecipeThai Chicken, Mango & Pineapple Salad


Grilled chicken and tropical fruits seasoned with a citrusy curry sauce give this colorful salad plenty of kid appeal. It makes a great lunch or a light dinner as is, or you can create a heartier meal by serving the meat and fruit with steamed rice and side salads.


Create This Meal Tonight! 

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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month. With 50,000 - 60,000 new cases of Parkinson's reported each year in the United States alone, this is a brain disease that will not be ignored. Although there is currently no cure for Parkinson's, there are some suggested ways to help control the symptoms, as you will read about in our first article.  


April is also National Volunteer Month. Perhaps consider offering some volunteer time to your local Parkinson's ( or Alzheimer's Association ( chapter.  


In the spirit of education and cooperation, we hope you will find the following articles in this month's newsletter informative and beneficial.


Thank you,

 The Team at Assisting Angels Home Care 

Ancient Exercise Regimen Improves Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease article01    


A new study shows that tai chi, an ancient exercise routine that leads the body through gentle, fluid motions and poses, may ease some of the worst physical problems associated with Parkinson's disease. Further studies are being conducted, but if they confirm the original findings, tai chi may become an effective and potentially popular therapy for improving a Parkinson's patient's ability to walk and balance steadily. For more information on this breakthrough study, read the following article from WebMD.


View a preview of the study here.


A Culture of Acceptance Needed for Employer Programs to Aid Caregiversarticle02

 As more and more Americans face caring for an elderly or disabled loved one, some employers are stepping up and offering much needed programs designed to aid family caregivers. More than one in six people in the U.S. are now juggling work with their roles as family caregivers. Many of these report feelings of fatigue and even depression, so the need for special programs and flexibility in the workplace is becoming increasingly recognized.

The following article  from Employee Benefit News lists some interesting statistics regarding caregivers in the workplace and how many employers are rising to meet this new challenge.

 article3Could a Skin Cancer Drug Be the Answer to Curing Alzheimer's? 

As Alzheimer's reaches epidemic proportions, new hope for a cure has been discovered in a 13-year-old cancer treatment drug that, when given to mice, broke down brain-damaging proteins, leading to improved cognition within days. Although the study's scientists emphasize that the findings should be taken in context because animal results do not always translate to people, the drug is being hailed as extremely promising. Additionally, because it is an established drug, human tests could potentially begin within months.


Click here to view the full story behind this exciting new development in Alzheimer's research, or click here to view the study.


Brenda Critell, President / CEO
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
A native of Boise, Idaho and a 4th generation Idahoan. Brenda founded Assisting Angels Home Care in 2006.

Skip Critell, Executive Vice President Director of Operations for the Treasure Valley.

Sherry Atwell

Sherry Atwell, Office Administrator

Scheduling Coordinator, Billing and Payroll and Office Manager.

Sonya Harris



Sonya Harris, Client Care Coordinator

Provides quality client care and supervision of direct care services for the Treasure Valley.






Rebekah Calkins, Community Outreach Coordinator

Provides information to the community through outreach and educational presentations. She also conducts in-home assessments and works with staff to begin care for new clients.  

About Assisting Angels Home Care  

Serving the state of Idaho, Assisting Angels Home Care, Inc. has been providing personalized care at home with supporting services since 2006. Assisting Angels uses certified personnel for supervision and monitoring of all direct services, has no minimum requirement for hours for accepting clients, and does not charge separately for travel to and from the job location. All employees are bonded and insured and a complete screening and thorough background checks are performed prior to any person having contact with one of our clients or patients. Assisting Angels provides a wide spectrum of personalized in-home care services, including general homemaker, personal care, and private duty nursing for all ages.  

Visit or call 208.344.7979 (Boise), or 208.733.2550 (Twin Falls) for more information.