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CARING Connections January 2012

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Alzheimer's: Is Time Being Wasted Searching for a Cure?

Tablet-Based Virtual Care for Seniors

A Simpler, More Effective CPR Method

Is It Dementia, Old Age or Just Low Vitamin B12?

 Interactive Graphic: How Age Affects Driving 

VideoBuilding Human Castles

You've probably never heard the term Castellers. These are people who build human castles for fun and sport. But this goes beyond the people pyramids you build as a kid. These castles can be up to 40 feet tall! Watch this impressive video of a competition in Spain.


Tablet-Based Virtual Care for Seniors  


Tablet for Seniors  


Staying socially engaged is an important part of aging and independent living, and with tablet computers, keeping in touch is simpler than ever. There are several devices and apps out there that are easy for people of all ages to use, including the Angela Social Engagement Companion. Beyond one touch video access to family, friends and caregivers, Angela provides medication and calendar reminders, games and photos Find out more here.     

ageddriving Interactive Graphic: How Age Affects Driving
how age affects driving
Driving is often a touchy subject for seniors. But the fact is, aging affects our ability to drive in several areas.

This handy interactive graphic displays just how aging changes how we react behind the wheel.  

Recipe Savory Vegetable Beef Stew


Winter is here, and there is nothing like a bowl of beef stew to warm the soul. It is one of my favorite winter comfort foods, and it doesn't require 8 hours in a slow cooker. It is even better the next day!

Here is the recipe. 

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Assisting Angels Masthead Revised2


Happy New Year!

We are proud to announce that we have again been recognized with Home Care Pulse's "Best of Home Care" distinction.  This award goes to the top 25% of agencies that are surveyed by this third party, indpendent survey company. We are now ranked among a select few of the best agencies in the United States for two years in a row!


Home Care Pulse, a company which measures client and employee satisfaction, created the award to identify those agencies in the private duty home care space that demonstrated a passion for client and employee satisfaction. Home Care Pulse believes that honoring such companies can both educate and help families to make better care decisions for their aging loved ones.


The selection process  for the "Best of Home Care" includes the evaluation of client and employee satisfaction in areas such as agency training, communication, overall quality of care, caregiver performance, caregiver morale, response to problems and recommendation of services to name a few.


To find out more about the "Best of Home Care" award or Home Care Pulse, please visit


Thank you,

 The Team at Assisting Angels Home Care 


Alzheimer's: Is Time Being Wasted Searching for a Cure?    

  Alzheimer's Hour Glass

For years, scientists, against mounting social pressures, have been striving to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. However, in the December issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Diseasea group of researchers from the University of South Florida posits that perhaps this terrible disease has no cure and is simply an inevitable part of aging.

This study does not mean that Alzheimer's research will stop, but it could lead many scientists to refocus their efforts from searching for a cure to searching for prevention and treatment. For more information on this study, read this article. from the Los Angeles Times.


  CPRMethodA Simpler, More Effective CPR Method

CPR Method

Many people do not realize that there is a new form of CPR that is simpler and more effective than the old method. The new CPR, known as Continuous-Chest-Compression CPR, is now the accepted method of CPR for individuals in cardiac arrest. Because "rescue breathing" is not recommended for cardiac arrest sufferers, it eliminates the need for mouth-to-mouth, which means more bystanders will be likely to help out in an emergency. The best part is that individuals do not need to be certified in order to perform this simple, lifesaving maneuver. To find out more about Continuous-Chest-Compression CPRread this article from the American Heart Association or Watch this Video from the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Click Here for the CPR printable document. 

Lowb12Is It Dementia, Old Age, or Just Low Vitamin B12? 

Low b12

 Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that plays an essential role in many areas of the body, and many seniors suffer from B12 deficiencies without ever knowing itThis article from the New York Times outlines who may be at risk for B12 deficiency and why this vitamin is so vital to mental health.   


Brenda Critell, President / CEO
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
A native of Boise, Idaho and a 4th generation Idahoan. Brenda founded Assisting Angels Home Care in 2006.

Skip Critell, Executive Vice President Director of Operations for the Treasure Valley.

Sherry Atwell

Sherry Atwell, Office Administrator

Scheduling Coordinator, Billing and Payroll and Office Manager.

Sonya Harris



Sonya Harris, Client Care Coordinator

Provides quality client care and supervision of direct care services for the Treasure Valley.






Rebekah Calkins, Community Outreach Coordinator

Provides information to the community through outreach and educational presentations. She also conducts in-home assessments and works with staff to begin care for new clients.  

About Assisting Angels Home Care  

Serving the state of Idaho, Assisting Angels Home Care, Inc. has been providing personalized care at home with supporting services since 2006. Assisting Angels uses certified personnel for supervision and monitoring of all direct services, has no minimum requirement for hours for accepting clients, and does not charge separately for travel to and from the job location. All employees are bonded and insured and a complete screening and thorough background checks are performed prior to any person having contact with one of our clients or patients. Assisting Angels provides a wide spectrum of personalized in-home care services, including general homemaker, personal care, and private duty nursing for all ages.  

Visit or call 208.344.7979 (Boise), or 208.733.2550 (Twin Falls) for more information.