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The Elder Entrepreneur

Two Reports on Long-Term Care and Costs

Transportation Planning for Boomer Generation

 Employee Spotlight     


Home Care is Tax Deductibale 

Video of the MonthHumanity Video
Humans are quite amazing. We can survive in surprisingly harsh environments and create amazing things. The BBC has a new series devoted to showcasing humans around the world. This beautifully shot trailer gives an impressive overview.  


To view this video, click here.  

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

This old wives' tale apparently started in the 1500s when a dictionary master wrote, "Fasting is a great remedie of feuer." Rachel Vreeman, MD, a fellow in Children's Health Services Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, is quoted as stating the truth to that myth as: "Colds and fevers are generally caused by viruses that tend to last 7 to 10 days, no matter what you do."


Read 9 health myths that are debunked here. 


Kids Invent a Behind-the-Wheel Safety Tool


The SMARTwheel is a steering wheel attachment that uses sensors to alert drivers when they remove a hand from the wheel for too long. Whether from aging, dementia, or texting, the result is the same. Read about how this incredible invention came about and its many uses:


AgeLab at MIT 


NY Times Article 


Brenda's Recipe Corner

 Corned Beef And Cabbage

Corned Beef  and Cabbage


Well, it is that time of year for this famous Irish dish. I like to serve it on St. Patrick's Day even though we are not Irish. It is just fun to do, and it tastes so good! This recipe is really easy. I hope you will try it.



1 medium onion, cut into wedges

4 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered

1 pound carrots, peeled & sliced

3 cups water

3 garlic cloves, minced

1 bay leaf

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons cider vinegar

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 (3 pound) corned beef brisket with spice packet

1 small head cabbage, cut into wedges




Put brisket in bottom of a *7-qt. slow cooker. Add enough water to cover the brisket. Add garlic,nbay leaf, sugar, vinegar, pepper and contents of spice packet. Place the onion, potatoes and carrots on top of brisket. Top with cabbage. Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours or until meat and vegetables are tender. Remove bay leaf before serving.


*If you don't have a 7-qt slow cooker, you can use a smaller one. Just cook some of the vegetables separately. But do not cook them in water. Instead, use the liquid from the slow cooker after the corned beef is done. Then just put everything together in a large pot, or arrange on a large serving platter with reserved cooking liquid on the side, served from a small pitcher or gravy bowl. Personally, I like to mush up my potatoes and carrots on my plate with a fork and top everything with the cooking liquid until it is all just kind of swimming in tasty goodness. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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oneThe Elder Entrepreneur

Offering online tutoring, getting paid for writing... these are just two ideas that entrepreneurial seniors have come up with to earn extra income and have more control over their lives. Technology has made it possible for many, regardless of age or situation, to make money by offering talents for hire.


Read some thoughtful ideas and speculations about aging entrepreneurs here. 


twoTwo Reports on Long-Term Care and Costs

The latest recession has affected many, but not much has been hit harder than community care services provided by states as an alternative to institutionalization. A recently released report shows that 31 states cut aging and disability services programs (non-Medicaid) in FY 2010 and 28 states were expecting to cut those programs in FY 2011.


Read the full AARP Public Policy Institute Report here 


On the heels of cost cutting, the American Health Care Association reports that Medicaid beds in for-profit nursing homes are now costing $17 more per day than it costs to provide that bed.


Download the PDF here. 


threeTransportation Planning for Boomer Generation

Having the personal control to get from point A to point B unassisted and on one's own accord is an independence taken for granted by many.  


Since it is estimated that by 2030 there will be 70 million Americans over the age of 65, and the fastest-growing section of that population is those over 85, it stands to reason that the number of older Americans who are driving will increase in proportion to the overall population statistics. Senior transportation services will become a necessity as the population ages.  


The urgency to create a plan to accommodate those who can no longer drive, but who will need transportation as a component of daily living, is upon us.


Take a look at some resources and some ideas that are available to help meet this impending transportation need.


article4Employee Spotlight
Dale Tillman
Dale Tillman

This month, Assisting Angels shines the Employee spotlight on Dale Tillman. Dale has been a caregiver for Assisting Angels since April 2010, and has done a wonderful job taking care of our clients. Her favorite part of the job is the self-satisfaction she receives knowing she makes a difference by helping people and enabling them to reside in their homes.

Dale worked at several hospitals throughout her 35 year career as a registered nurse prior to coming to Assisting Angels, and also at St. Alphonsus Home Health.  


Dale is a genuine Idaho native and lives in the Meridian area. She enjoys spending her free time with her grown son and grandchildren. Dale's hobbies include internet surfing and beading jewelry. It is caregivers like Dale that make our agency a success!


Four Did You Know...

Home Care is Tax deductible?


Medical expenses can really add up. Did you know that there may be a way to write off those expenses at tax time?


 Residents, family members, and others who pay for an individual's care in an assisted living community can, in most cases, file the entire monthly cost of assisted living as a tax-deductible medical expense. Such information gives you another tool regarding the affordability of assisted living for seniors and their family members. 


To read the rest of the article, click here...  



Brenda Critell, President / CEO
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), A native of Boise, Idaho and a 4th generation Idahoan.

Skip Critell, Executive Vice President
Provides outreach and education to the community regarding our services. He presents educational seminars; conducts free memory screening for Dementia & Alzheimer's and related diseases, and in-home assessments.

Diana Drake, Outreach Coordinator
Provides home assessments and information to guarantee quality care for our clients and provides outreach and education to the community regarding our services.

Joy Kelly, Client Care Coordinator
Provides quality client care and supervision of direct care services for the Treasure Valley.