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Volume 1, Issue 4
 February 2011
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 Diana Drake

As the saying goes, "filing taxes can be taxing."  It's that time of year again when all of us are getting our income tax documents together.  We here at the Assisting Angels office know how hard you all work, and in an effort to live up to our name, want to assist you with some tax links, and some free service information.  TurboTax and the IRS free file both have a link that will allow you to file your taxes online for free.  Stevens-Henager is offering free tax preparation and e-filing for those earning under $49,000. They have services available at their Boise campus Fridays from 9-5 and Saturdays from 9-2, and at their Nampa satellite campus Fridays 9-4 and Saturdays 10-2. This program is the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program that the IRS funds. Their tax team is certified through a series of exams in order to understand most individual tax return situations. No appointment is necessary - folks can just walk in.


Hope this helps...Happy Filing!


IRS FREE FILE WEBSITE           http://freefile.irs.gov/ 


IRS CONTACT WEBSITE           http://www.irs.gov/localcontacts/index.html 


STATE OF IDAHO WEBSITE     http://tax.idaho.gov/ 



Diana Drake

Outreach Coordinator

Telephony tip from Joy


Joy Kelly

Everyone has been doing a great job calling in to Telephony to log in and out, but, it is very important to remember that when you call in, be sure to go slow as you input your information so that it gets recorded accurately.  Some caregivers are in a hurry, and Telephony isn't letting them clock in correctly.  Be sure that you hear the recording say, "Complete" before you hang up.   I don't have any upcoming training sessions at this time.  Please keep checking your monthly eLetter and I'll let you know when something comes up. 


Thanks again for your time and keep up the great work!   


Client Care Coordinator  

Medical Bracelets go High Tech


As you know, medical information is always on the cutting edge of technology.  I want you all to be aware of a new USB medical history bracelet that is being offered by the SW Idaho Area Agency on Aging at no cost to seniors.  It stores medical history, drug prescriptions, allergies, insurance and contact information.  The USB bracelet carries medical alert symbol and provides instant access to lifesaving information during a medical emergency.  In the event of an emergency, it relays critical up-to-date medical information for doctors, facilities and first responders.  For more information on how to obtain a bracelet, seniors can call 208-908-4990.  All they need to do is give their name, address, and date of birth, (it's only for individuals 60 years and older).  Their request is forwarded to a case manager who will call the client back to go over the details and advise the senior when they can expect their bracelet.  They also will provide have technical support to assist the seniors if they have further questions.  So if your clients are wearing them, you'll know what they are....Thanks for all of your hard work!



Assistant Supervisor  

Home Care Pulse LogoRecent Results from Home Care Pulse Client Satisfaction Survey


Caregiver's work ethic -
"Tara is always here on time and leaves right on time.  She works up to the last bit and does everything!"  Leslie C. 

"We get along very well.  She does everything that I ask her to do."      Laclara M.   

Appropriate and clean appearance -
"She looks professional when she arrives."   Laclara M.

Compassion of caregivers -
"These caregivers are more loving and caring than any others I have tried."  Karen G.

"She is a compassionate lady."  William O.

An Encouraging Word from Skip

"The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched - they must be felt with the heart..."    Helen Keller  

Skip Critell

 Executive Vice President


At Assisting Angels we believe understanding and then improving caregiver satisfaction is vitally important to our future success.  We have received great feedback so far, thank you to those that have taken the time to participate.  To those who have not yet participated, we strongly recommend that you do.  Let your voice be heard and help us to continue improving. As you know, we have contracted with Home Care Pulse, a professional quality satisfaction company, to conduct these periodic satisfaction phone interviews with all of our valued caregivers.  Watch for the call from (208) 528-5024

About Home Care Pulse

  • A third party quality satisfaction company that specializes in the home care industry.
  • Conducts the majority of their interviews by phone because it allows them to capture more in-depth and honest feedback than a mailed survey
  • They are not affiliated or connected to Assisting Angels in any way and will deliver to us your unfiltered feedback anonymously


What to expect

  • A periodic phone call from Home Care Pulse every 6 to 12 months. The call will come from a (208) 528-5024 phone number.
  • 100% anonymous - Home Care Pulse will not share your identity with us, only your feedback
  • When you receive the call, they will always identify themselves as Home Care Pulse
  • An interview typically takes approx. 5-10 minutes.
  • Home Care Pulse meets all state and federal confidentiality laws.


With your help and feedback, we will be able to continue providing you and all of our caregivers with a highly positive experience long into the future.   We appreciate your cooperation in advance and look forward to receiving your honest feedback.    




Brenda Critell


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