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Brandeis Community Members Explore the World 

Brandeis is fortunate to have so many worldly undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and scholars belonging to our community.  This year, members of the Office of Global Affairs Staff conducted sixteen interviews that became Global Brandeis Profiles on our blog and website.  Re-familiarize yourself with a sampling our profilees below: amazing women and men making a real difference. 
Exploring Ethnic Identity Through Dance

Celeste Radosevich, M.A. '11 


Worked in Cuzco, Peru 

Interview by Ariana Hajmiragha '13 

Constantly following her passions - be it biology, dance, or Latin American studies - Celeste Radosevich seems to be living the interdisciplinary life that she loves.  "We're all positioned in different ways, and race, gender, sexuality, ability, and all of those things are very real things that we deal with on a day to day basis."

Hiking Through Israel As A Window Into Its Culture

Shay Rabineau, PhD. '15


Worked in Israel

Interview by Marie Zazueta '10

Shay has experienced Israel, not only from what he has studied as a graduate student at Brandeis, but from his many hikes throughout Israel on the National Trail.  "Maybe I could learn about myself in some way from this country even though I didn't profess to be Jewish. I think everyone is interested in their roots in some way."

"Feeling Alive" on Four Continents

Holly Devon '11


Worked and studied in Turkey, Israel, Kenya, France, and Argentina 

Interview by Ariana Hajmiragha '13

Holly has traveled to Istanbul and Jerusalem with the Al-Quds University Partnership, to Kenya with an Oxford volunteer program, to France for study abroad, and to Argentina with a WOW fellowship.  "I'd just like to continue being in places that make me feel alive, and continue having conversations and contributing however I can."

Helping Women and Fighting for Peace

Noam Shuster '11 


From Neve Shalom~Wahat Al Salam, Israel;

Worked in Rwanda

Interview by Ariana Hajmiragha '13

Noam has worked to bolster summer youth programs, and with the Davis Peace funds she has received she plans on continuing that endeavor in the summer to come, and possibly for even longer. 

"I really believe that we still have the power to change things, and really do things differently, and I'm really happy that Rwanda has been one of the teachers to help me go back and do things better."

East Meets West

Katherine Wong '13


From Hong Kong, China; Worked in Vietnam 

Interview by Marie Zazueta '11


Whether she's at Brandeis, at home in Hong Kong, teaching English in Vietnam, or interning at a hospital in Boston, Katherine has certainly had the opportunity to explore her interests around the globe.  "I think being a global citizen means to be a friend of the world, to be open to all cultures and different cultural practices. You have to have perceptive. You should think independently, have your own voice and speak up when it's necessary for justice and for bettering the world."

Using Anthropology to Explore Her Own Identity

Eve Markvardt '13


From Russia and Finland

Interview by Ariana Hajmiragha '13

From Russia, to Finland, to Canada, and finally to the USA, Eve Markvardt has found the freedom to be who she wants to be and her passion in the field of anthropology.  "I think it's very important to be self aware, and understand why you act the way you act. I think if people would stop often and think, they would continue with a different vision."

Empowering Young African Leaders  

Irene Cocovi-Mensah, M.A. '11 

From Benin Republic, Africa

Interview by Shelby Bleiweis


Irene Cocovi-Mensah is passionate in her goal to develop her native continent.  One of her proudest achievements was being selected for the President's Forum with Young African Leaders in August 2010.  "I am sure that my experiences at Brandeis have shaped my leadership skills and will undoubtedly help me to achieve my goal: inspiring other young people to work together and lead in the development of Africa."


Midwives Saving Lives

Danielle Hollenbeck-Pringle '10

DanielleWorked and studied in Sri Lanka

Interview by Shelby Bleiweis

Danielle Hollenbeck-Pringle is currently in Sri Lanka on a Fulbright Scholarship studying midwives.  She is passionate about social justice and improving health systems worldwide.  "It's always exciting to learn that what you spend hours in classrooms, the library, and in front of your computer learning is 'real'".
Bridging the Gap Between Rural and Urban Communities

Elise Allan '12

EliseStudied and worked in Ecuador, Panama, and France 

Interview by Marie Zazueta '10

Elise Allan describes her work in Latin America, especially her internship in Panama through the United Nations Population Fund.  "It takes communication to uncover a problem, execute a solution, and maintain the support needed for future progress."
Critical Encounters with the Arab World

Claire Cooper '11

ClaireWorked and studied in the Turkey, Israel, Morocco, and Tunisia 

Interview by Bryan McAllister-Grande

When Claire Cooper took an introductory course on Islam and spent ten days in Istanbul, Turkey as part of the Brandeis-Al-Quds University Partnership, her education--and her life--took a sharp turn to the Middle East.  "I never imagined I'd be doing all this before I came here."


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Dancing Across the Globe: Dmitry Shaplyka, MBA/MA '12

Scholars in Residence Profile Their Current Projects: Nina Lichtenstein and Julia Creet
If you are a community member who will be affiliated with Brandeis during the 2011-2012 academic year, and you have international experiences that you would like to share with us, please email the Office of Global Affairs.
Are you studying/working abroad or conducting other global endeavors during summer 2011 and/or the 2011-2012 academic year?  We'd love to hear about it!  Email the Office of Global Affairs. 

BIIF 2011

Brandeis-India Initiative inaugural fellows named

The program, launched this year with support from Indian parents and friends, seeks to raise the number of students pursuing study and work in India.  It also aims to match students' social justice projects with the interests of Indian alumni and partners, and to build mentoring and other relationships.
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