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Happy New Year!
As the spring term fast approaches, we wanted to catch you up on some global happenings at Brandeis.  This email includes some fabulous blog articles that have been written since our last newsletter, news stories we don't want you to miss, and deadlines that are coming up soon.  Enjoy!
A New Year, and a New Era for Global Brandeis

Dan Terris
Waltham, MA, USA

Frederick Lawrence became the eighth president of Brandeis University on January 1. As president-elect, Fred has spoken often and eloquently about Brandeis as a 'global liberal arts university,' and I look forward to working with him to move the University forward in further developing and amplifying our global presence."
As American as Capoeira in Damascus

E. Ray Gard
Damascus, Syria

erayE.Ray Gard works with Bidna Capoeira team as a part of his second year practicum for his M.A. in Sustainable International Development at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management.  He uses the Brazilian combination of dance and martial arts as a psycho-social therapy tool for refugee or marginalized youth.
Bumps and Basil

Danielle Hollenbeck-Pringle '10
Sri Lanka

Sri LankaHollenbeck-Pringle relays some challenges about working and studying in Sri Lanka, including an anecdotal tale about her quest to locate basil with which to cook.  "Through visiting monasteries, listening to professors speak, and trying to buy a beer on a full moon, my life here is also shaped by the culture."
Development or Dependency?

Clay Westrope (M.A. candidate)

dependency"The best of intentions aside, I was misguided in my approach, for my gifts turned into a desire for more and a dependency on what they thought I could offer them...In development, it is important to constantly be aware of the impact you are having on a community - both positive and negative."

Confidence and Confusion

Bryan McAllister-Grande
Waltham, MA, USA

pax"How does a young college student enter an unfamiliar community - especially those overseas - and adapt to the often tight-knit relations, languages, and local practices?  That is the question that Brandeis University's Sorensen Fellows often face, and an issue they reflect upon using the tools of writing and imagination."
Each semester, the Office of Global Affairs interviews current students, faculty, and alumni who are engaging with the global landscape.  The profiles below represent the breadth of our community and their devotion to international issues.
Ting Zhang '11
Ting Zhang
"Brandeis is a top college in the United States, but you just feel like you can enjoy your life here.  You can have a good balance between your academic work and your life outside school, which I think is great."

Ting Zhang, a Wien Scholar from Suzhou, China, describes her journey from her native country to Singapore to the United States.
Danielle Hollenbeck-Pringle '10
"It's always exciting to learn that what you spend hours in classrooms, the library, and in front of your computer learning is 'real'".

Danielle Hollenbeck-Pringle is currently in Sri Lanka on a Fulbright Scholarship studying midwives.  A major of Health: Science, Society and Policy and International and Global Studies, Hollenbeck-Pringle is passionate about social justice and improving health systems worldwide.
Professor Robert Lange

Lange"Professor Lange is making the world more green, one community at a time."

Professor Lange has done extensive traveling in Tanzania, where he has developed a technology that can lower the Maasai people's carbon emissions by 90%.  Lange did this by teaching the Maasai how to build more efficient stoves.

Time to think, plan for 2011 Study Abroad opportunities
study abroad"Study abroad is an opportunity for students to take what they are learning in the classroom and apply some real-world experience," Assistant Dean of Academic Services J. Scott Van Der Meid, the Director of Study Abroad, said. "Putting yourself in a different setting allows you to learn not only about a different culture and worldview, but also a lot about yourself."
Singaporean ambassador believes that education is vital to success
singapore ambassadorFor Singapore, the current global recession is another reminder that innovation through education is necessary for continued economic growth, according to Chan Heng Chee, the Singaporean Ambassador to the United States. Ambassador Chan's spoke recently at the International Business School.
Brandeis professor wins Best-of-Year book award
lumbard"Islam, Fundamentalism, and the Betrayal of Tradition: Revised and Expanded," edited by Joseph E.B. Lumbard, has been cited by the National "Best Books 2010" Awards as the top book of the year in the category Current Events: Political/Social.
Sudanese ambassador speaks about future of his nation
KhocThe Honorable Akec Khoc, Sudanese ambassador to the United States came to the university in order to lead a discussion about possible futures for the North and South regions of Sudan on December 1.
1/14: Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice
1/14: Beinecke Scholarship Program
1/15: Irving and Rose Crown Fellowships
1/15: Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship
1/18: Samuel Huntington Public Service Award
1/21: Summer Institute for Israel Studies
1/22: Davis Projects for Peace

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