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 January 2012

The audio from sessions at the fall mini-conferences have been posted on the ARC web site 
here (Resources - Audio - Fall Conferences). 

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Registration is now open for the 2012 ARC Annual Conference! You won't want to miss wonderful teaching on The Beatitudes by Dave Johnson, pastor of Church of the Open Door in MN, and the lineup of great workshops that will be offered!




And don't forget about the"Habit of Worship" mini-conference happening in just a few weeks in Tampa, FL!  We'd love to see you there!




Vision Letter from Ned Berube & Andy Holt:
"The Curious Way God Made Ember Church Possible" 


Dear brothers and sisters,


As I mentioned last month, I'll be utilizing the next few months of vision letters to  introduce and highlight some of the other leaders in the ARC.


I met Andy & Breena Holt at last year's ARC Annual Conference inToledo. Andy came with a bit of fanfare from some of the Toledo leaders; he won the preaching award at Gordon Conwell Seminary in Boston, and so I was eager to meet this young buck and his wife.  They were also in preparations for the planting of the newest ARC Church in Columbus, OH.  It's called Ember Church.  I've attended Ember and was deeply impressed by the substantial quality of their worship.  I didn't get to hear Andy preach, because that particular Sunday he was in the nursery.  That was also impressive to me. (read more)


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News from the Churches


Spirit of Christ Church in Haslett, MI has decided to withdraw from the ARC. They are connecting more fully with a group in CA. We will miss them but wish them God's fullest blessings as they continue to serve the King. 


Pastors - we would love to hear from you! If you have news, activities, or notes of special interest to the whole family send it to

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February 3-4  

Mini-Conference @ 

Tampa Covenant Church in Tampa, FL

April 8, 2012 - Easter

April 17-18 - MMC Meetings

April 19 - Assembly of Elders

April 20-12 - Annual Conference